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RBM8A (Homo sapiens) in pDONR201 (Gateway donor/master vector)


Explanation of Terms

Gene: Gene Symbol:  RBM8A
Gene Name:  RNA binding motif protein 8A
Sequence              Map: pDONR cofig.pdf
Original Clone ID: FLH130891.01L
Keyword: None
Species: Homo sapiens
Type: cDNA
Vector Name: pDONR201               Format:  FUSION
Source: HIP
Description: None
Comments: None
Discrepancy :
No / Yes
Publications: None
Authors: HIP

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No restriction
Special MTA: None


Insert sequence: 525nts         Open reading frame : 1 to 525


Coding Sequence Details
Insert Sequence Verified?: Y Verification Method: Sequence Verification
Reference Sequence Annotations:
End on reference sequence 554
Start on reference sequence 30

5' Linker Sequence:

3' Linker Sequence:


 Recommended Growth Condition:

Distributed in bacterial strain : DH5-alpha T1 phage resistant
Antibiotic Selection: Host Type:  bacterial    Marker:  kanamycin
Bacterial Selection Condition:  50ug/mL kanamycin
Growth Condition:  Growth with the single antibiotic in LB at 37 degrees is recommended.
Comments:  Conditions for Gateway-type vectors in recombined (with insert) form and other kanamycin resistant vectors.
Protein Expression Results: None
Recommended expression in: Not Applicable
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Vector Name: pDONR201

pDONR201 in advanced viewed

Synonyms: None
Sequencing Primer: Forward:  pDONR201-forward
Reverse:  pDONR201-reverse
Description: Recombinational donor/master vector; kanamycin resistance; recombinational cloning.
Comments: The position of features were determined for the unrecombined (empty) form of the vector, which is described in detail on the Invitrogen website.
Size (bp): 4470
Parent Vector: None
Empty Vector: None
Properties: Gateway, donor (entry), recombinational cloning
Author Name: Invitrogen
Publications: None
Vector Map:         Vector Sequence:


Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
bacterial origin ColE ColE1 (pUC-type) origin of replication (modified, low copy number) 3744 4426
negative selection marker ccdB ccdB negative selection gene (death cassette), LOST in recombined (with insert) form 1264 959
primer site forward primer recommended forward primer site 5 tcgcgttaacgctagcatggatctc 3 300 324
primer site reverse primer recommended reverse primer site 5 gtaacatcagagattttgagacac 3 2769 2792
recombination site attL2 attL recombination site 2 present in recombined (with insert) form only, position is approximate 2744 2513
recombination site attP1 attP recombination site 1 LOST in recombined (with insert) form 332 563
recombination site attP2 attP recombination site 2 LOST in recombined (with insert) form 2744 2513
recombination site attL1 attL recombination site 1 present in recombined (with insert) form only, position is approximate 332 563
selectable marker CmR chloramphenicol resistance gene, LOST in recombined (with insert) form 2265 2513
selectable marker KanR kanamycin resistance gene 2868 3677
trxn termination sequence rrn T2 rrn T2 transcription termination sequence 73 100
trxn termination sequence rrn T1 rrn T1 transcription termination sequence 232 275


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Gene Symbol : RBM8A
Symbol Nomenclature : RBM8A
SYNONYM : BOV-1A; BOV-1B; BOV-1C; C1DELq21.1; DEL1q21.1; MDS014; RBM8; RBM8B; TAR; Y14; ZNRP; ZRNP1
Designation : BOV-1|RNA binding motif protein 8B|RNA-binding motif protein 8A|RNA-binding protein 8A|RNA-binding protein Y14|binder of OVCA1-1|ribonucleoprotein RBM8|ribonucleoprotein RBM8A
Full Nomenclature : RNA binding motif protein 8A
GENEID : 9939
Locus Tag : HSPC114
GI : 60826736
GenBank Accession : AY893732
HGNC : 9905
MIM : 605313
Vega : OTTHUMG00000013736
Target GenBank: NM_005105



Reactome : Cleavage of Growing Transcript in the Termination Region
Reactome : Gene Expression
Reactome : Metabolism of RNA
Reactome : Metabolism of mRNA
Reactome : Nonsense Mediated Decay (NMD) enhanced by the Exon Junction Complex (EJC)
Reactome : Nonsense-Mediated Decay (NMD)
Reactome : Post-Elongation Processing of Intron-Containing pre-mRNA
Reactome : Post-Elongation Processing of the Transcript
Reactome : Processing of Capped Intron-Containing Pre-mRNA
Reactome : RNA Polymerase II Transcription
Reactome : RNA Polymerase II Transcription Termination
Reactome : Transcription
Reactome : Transport of Mature Transcript to Cytoplasm
Reactome : Transport of Mature mRNA derived from an Intron-Containing Transcript
Reactome : mRNA 3'-end processing
Reactome : mRNA Splicing
Reactome : mRNA Splicing - Major Pathway


SMART domain : RRM : RNA recognition motif
UniProt : Q9Y5S9
HPRD : 05609


Cloning Information : 130891
HIP Master Clone ID : 107048
Original Clone ID : FLH130891.01L


TAX_ID : 9606
Species Specific ID: 9939


Chromosome : 1
Map Location : 1q21.1
Ensembl : ENSG00000131795


Labome : RBM8A-antibody