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Detailed Vector Information: pENTR223.1


Vector Name: pENTR223.1
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Synonyms: pDONR-223.1, pENTR223-star-Sfi


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  M13F
Reverse:  M13R
Description: Gateway type (lambda att-type) recombinational cloning entry (master) vector; spectinomycin resistance; recombinational cloning.
Comments: Additional information about this vector is available from the commercial website and at the ORFeome website http://orfeomecollaboration.org/vectors.php
Size (bp): 4311
Empty Vector: None
Parent Vector: None
Properties: Gateway, donor (entry), recombinational cloning
Author Name: Invitrogen
Publications: None
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Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
MCS MCS MCS (Sfi sites flank the cassette present only in no insert form) 1265 1277
bacterial origin ori bacterial origin of replication 1 534
negative selection marker ccdB ccdB (no insert form only; lost in with insert form) 1312 1617
primer site M13 F M13 forward primer for insert sequencing 1113 1129
primer site T7 T7 Forward primer for insert sequencing 2902 2921
primer site M13 reverse M13 reverse primer for insert sequencing 2926 2942
recombination site attL1 attL1 recombination site 1165 1264
recombination site attL2 attL2 recombination site 2786 2885
selectable marker CmR chlR (no insert form only; lost in with insert form) 1959 2618
selectable marker SpnR spectinomycin resistance gene 3154 4164