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Detailed Vector Information: pLIC-CH


Vector Name: pLIC-CH
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Synonyms: ''


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  T7
Reverse:  T7 terminator
Description: Bacterial expression vector with C-terminal 8x His tag separated from the insert by a TEV protease cleavage site; kanamycin resistance in bacteria; ligation independent cloning (LIC)
Comments: None
Size (bp): 5361
Empty Vector: EvNO00292961
Parent Vector: None
Properties: bacterial expression
Author Name: University of California San Francisco
Joy Chen
Center for Structures of Membrane Proteins
Publications: None
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Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
ligation independent cloning LIC Ligation independent cloning site 5088 5095
phage origin f1 f1 phage origin 29 335
promoter T7 T7 promoter 4984 5003
protease cleavage site TEV TEV protease cleavage site; separates 8xHis from insert 5113 5133
repressor protein gene LacI LacI gene 3515 4531
selectable marker KanR Kanamycin resistance gene 563 1375
tag His C-terminal 8xHis tag 5134 5157
trxn regulatory element lac operator lac operator sequence 5003 5025
trxn termination sequence T7 term T7 transcription termination site 5292 5338