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Detailed Vector Information: p4-Ib


Vector Name: p4-Ib
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Synonyms: ''


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  p4
Reverse:  Unknown
Description: Mycoplasma coexpression expression vector with the Pimyc promoter and C-termial c-myc tag; hygromycin resistance in bacteria and mycobacteria; restriction enzyme cloning (AsiSI, PmeI).
Comments: Target gene controlled by Pimyc promoter for expression is cloned between AsiSI and PmeI restriction sites.
Size (bp): 4928
Empty Vector: EvNO00306571
Parent Vector: None
Properties: multiple cloning site, with tag/fusion/marker
Author Name: Brian Fox
Yong Chang
David Mead
Vinay Dhodda
Phil Brumm
Center for Eukaryotic Structural Genomics
Publications: PMID: 19760663
Title: One-plasmid tunable coexpression for mycobacterial protein-protein interaction studies

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Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
MCS MCS multiple cloning site 220 334
bacterial origin ColE ColE1 replication origin (on complementary strand) 1013 1547
mycobacterial origin myc ori mycobacterial origin of replication 1734 3579
promoter Pimyc Pimyc promoter 84 219
selectable marker HygR hygromycin resistance cassette 3916 4914
tag His His tag 271 303
tag myc C-terminal c-myc tag 271 306
trxn termination sequence rrnB rrnB T2 transcriptional terminator 49 69
trxn termination sequence T4g32 T4g32 transcription terminator 349 369