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Detailed Vector Information: pET16-DEST


Vector Name: pET16-DEST
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Synonyms: None


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  T7
Reverse:  T7 terminator
Description: Bacterial expression vector with a T7 promoter and a N-terminal 10xHis tag; ampicillin resistance in bacteria; Gateway recombinational cloning.
Comments: None
Size (bp): 7428
Empty Vector: EvNO00548203
Parent Vector: None
Properties: Gateway, acceptor (destination), bacterial expression, recombinational cloning, with tag/fusion/marker
Author Name: University of Georgia
Kelley Moremen
Publications: None
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Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
death cassette ccdB ccdB death cassette (removed in clones with the insert) 6626 6931
promoter T7 T7 promoter 5230 5245
protease cleavage site Factor X Factor X protease cleavage site 5365 5376
recombination site attR1 Recombination site 5392 5516
recombination site attR2 recombination site 6972 7096
repressor protein gene LacI Lac repressor coding sequence 3761 4720
selectable marker CmR chloramphenicol resistance (removed in clones with the insert) 5625 6284
selectable marker AmpR ampicillin resistance gene 209 1843
tag His N-terminal 10xHis tag 5323 5352
trxn regulatory element lac operator lac operator 5249 5273
trxn termination sequence T7 term T7 terminator 7155 7216