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Detailed Vector Information: pET-BAD


Vector Name: pET-BAD
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Synonyms: ''


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  ARAC5R
Reverse:  T7 terminator
Description: ligation independent cloning (LIC) clone, bacterial expression expression with Operator O2 and araC promoter and T7 term and Operator O1 and B-lactamase gene and CAP site and T7 term primer and pBR322 origin and Operator I1 and I2 and arabinose BAD promoter and rrnB T1 T2 and RBS and ARAC3F Primer and PCBSREV Primer and ORICOL Primer and BADT1A Primer and BADT1B Primer and AMP5R Primer and -35 AP and F1ORI Primer and ARAC5R and -10 AP and rep_origin and ROP and araC; ampicillin resistance in bacterial;
Comments: TEV protease cleavage site is designed for use with ligation-independent cloning into the BseRI site. This TEV site contains only the amino acids DNLYFQ. Cleavage occurs after the Q, and requires a compatible amino acid C-terminal to the Q, such as S, G, A, M. See Kapust et al 2002 Biochem Biophys Res Commun 294:949
Size (bp): 4968
Empty Vector: EvNO00813764
Parent Vector: None
Properties: bacterial expression, ligation independent cloning (LIC)
Author Name: Debra T. Hansen
Publications: None
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Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
-10 signal -10 AP 3192 3198
-35 signal -35 AP 3216 3221
CDS ROP 4342 4533
CDS B-lactamase gene 2290 3150
CDS araC 102 980
Miscellaneous Feature Operator O2 1009 1026
Miscellaneous Feature Operator O1 1167 1188
Miscellaneous Feature CAP site 1210 1223
Miscellaneous Feature Operator I1 and I2 1219 1257
Miscellaneous Feature RBS 1311 1320
Replication Origin rep_origin 1721 2168
Terminator T7 term 1636 1683
Terminator rrnB T1 T2 1349 1580
primer T7 term primer 1622 1640
primer ARAC3F Primer 111 131
primer PCBSREV Primer 4731 4750
primer ORICOL Primer 3937 3957
primer BADT1A Primer 366 385
primer BADT1B Primer 823 842
primer AMP5R Primer 3088 3107
primer F1ORI Primer 1725 1744
primer ARAC5R 957 976
promoter araC promoter 1131 1159
promoter arabinose BAD promoter 1256 1283
rep_origin pBR322 origin (pMBI,ColE1) 3298 3971