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Detailed Vector Information: pCPD-pRL-CMV-ccdb


Vector Name: pCPD-pRL-CMV-ccdb
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Synonyms: Modified pRL-CMV


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  Unknown
Reverse:  Unknown
Description: fluorescent marker assay, Gateway cloning, bacterial expression expression with Renilla Luciferase and pCEP Fwd Primer and ccdB and CMV and CAGF and CMV-F and Amp-R and lac promoter and attR1 and attR2 and T7 promoter and Chloramphenicol-R; chloramphenicol resistance in bacterial, ampicillin resistance in bacterial;
Comments: This vector is pRL-CMV modified by addition of a ccdB death cassette to make it compatible with the Gateway system.
Size (bp): 5870
Empty Vector: EvNO00813803
Parent Vector: Name: pRL-CMV
Description: Reporter vector with Renilla luciferase from Promega with CMV and T7 promoters; ampicillin resistance in bacteria.
Properties: Gateway, bacterial expression, fluorescent marker
Author Name: Shane Miersch
Publications: PMID: 25758251
Title: Antiviral antibody profiling by high-density protein arrays.

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Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
fluorescent marker Renilla Luciferase Renilla luciferase gene 1912 2844
negative selection marker ccdB Ccd death gene present in 'empty vector' form only (replace with gene of interest) 1432 1737
primer CMV-F CMV_fwd_Primer 678 698
primer pCEP Fwd Primer pCEP_Fwd_Primer 722 741
promoter Amp-R Ampicillin resistance 4184 5044
promoter T7 promoter T7 Promoter 90 112
promoter lac promoter Lac promoter 346 369
promoter CMV CMV_immearly_promoter 169 721
promoter CAGF CAG enhancer 224 511
recombination site attR1 AttR1 recombination site, used in Gateway cloning 197 321
recombination site attR2 AttR2 recombination site, Gateway cloning 1778 1879
selectable marker Chloramphenicol-R Chloramphenical resistance gene 430 1089