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Detailed Vector Information: pPSU2


Vector Name: pPSU2
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Synonyms: ''


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  None
Reverse:  None
Description: High copy number plasmid which provides 750, 3000 and 4000 bp EcoRV fragments of kilobase DNA ladder, and 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 1500 and 4100 bp PstI fragments of 100 bp DNA ladder. Confers ampicillin resistance.
Comments: Published in Nature Scientific Reports, this plasmid produces DNA molecular weight reference markers when digested with common restriction enzymes. Usually used with pPSU1.Map of the key restriction sites
Standard protocol for using this plasmid
Size (bp): 7750
Empty Vector: EvNO00846223
Parent Vector: Name: pUC9
Properties: high copy number bacterial plasmid
Author Name: Song Tan
Publications: PMID: 28550309
Title: The pPSU Plasmids for Generating DNA Molecular Weight Markers

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Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
restriction site EcoRV 750bp 750 BP Fragment after EcoRV digestion 241 991
restriction site EcoRV 3kb 3000 BP Fragment after EcoRV Digestion 991 3991
restriction site EcoRV 4kb 4000 bp Fragment after EcoRV Digestion 3991 241
restriction site PstI 1.5kb 1500 bp fragment after PstI digestion 331 1831
restriction site PstI 50bp 50 bp fragment after PstI digestion 1831 1881
restriction site PstI 100bp 100 bp fragment after PstI digestion 1881 1981
restriction site PstI 200bp 200 bp fragment after PstI digestion 1981 2181
restriction site PstI 300bp 300 bp fragment after PstI Digestion 2181 2481
restriction site PstI 400bp 400 bp fragment after PstI digestion 2481 2881
restriction site PstI 500bp 500 bp fragment after PstI digestion 2881 3381
restriction site PstI 600bp 600 bp fragment after PstI digestion 3381 3981
restriction site PstI 4100 bp 4100 bp fragment after PstI digestion 3981 331