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Collection: 90/90 Human ORFeome V 1 (Gateway Expression Vector: pANT7 cGST) - Complete Collection


The 90/90 Human ORFeome V 1 (pANT7 cGST) collection contains 10,854 unique ORFs from the human genome. This collection comprises the most comprehensive and complete version of the Human ORFeome to date in an expression vector. The goal of this collection is to eventually have one representative clone for gene clusters with at least 90% sequence coverage and 90% identity covering all ORFs in the Human genome. The pANT7 _cGST expression vector has a T7 promoter for transcription, an IRES for translation with rabbit reticulocyte lysate, and a C-terminal GST tag, enabling the IVTT expression of these clones and subsequent protein capture.

Currently, a complete physical collection of cloned cDNAs encoding all human genes clusters does not exist. The 90/90 Human ORFeome Collection is a collection of full length ORFs containing one representative of each gene with cDNA length under 7,000 bases (and thus suitable for Gateway LR transfer to destination vectros), targeting the longest isoforms with evidence of existence and grouping gene families into clusters with a minimum of 90% protein sequence homology. That is, we target one representative clone for gene clusters with at least 90% sequence coverage and 90% identity, for a total of 18,216 gene clusters.

Based on the Human Genome RefSeq v73 (Nov 2015), there are 20,398 protein-coding human genes predicted to be in existence. Of these, 19,279 of these have isoforms with experimental evidence of expression. 19,029 genes are < 7kb in size, making them suitable for use in Gateway LR transfers to destination vectors for downstream expression experiments. There are 18,216 gene clusters with 90% sequence identity that cover > 90% of the gene lengths. From these gene clusters, we choose the longest isoform to be the representative clone.

Subcollections containing only ORFs predicted to be Transcription Factors, Membrane Proteins, or neither ("Other") are also available. We additionally have an expanded set of 90/90 clones in Gateway Donor vectors.

Total number of clones in the collection: 10842
Price: $ 75894.0 ($7.00 per clone)
Use Restriction: No restriction

To request individual clones from the collection, download the Excel file, find the clones of interest, copy the Clone IDs and use them clone identifier search . You can then click to add individual clones to your cart (far right-hand side of the table).