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Collection: BASIL starter pack V1


This is the BASIL Starter 10-Pack.

This plasmid set is designed to be used in the BASIL Biochemistry Curriculum available on Github .

This curriculum from the BASIL (Biochemistry Authentic Scientific Inquiry Laboratory) biochemistry consortium aims to get students to transition from thinking like students to thinking like scientists. Students will analyze proteins with known structure but unknown function using computational analyses and wet-lab techniques. BASIL is designed for undergraduate biochemistry lab courses, but can be adapted to first year (or even high school) settings, as well as upper-level undergraduate or graduate coursework. It is targeted to students in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, or related majors. Further details about the BASIL biochemistry consortium can be found on the BASIL blog.

The curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to match the available facilities, the strengths of the instructor and the learning goals of a course and institution. These lessons are often used as part of upper-level laboratory coursework with at least one semester of biochemistry as a pre-requisite or co-requisite. The lab has been designed for classes ranging from 10-24 students (working in teams of two or three) per lab section. This lesson can be adapted to laboratory courses for introductory biology, cell and molecular biology, or advanced biology labs.

Total number of clones in the collection: 10
Price: $ 35.0 ($3.50 per clone)
Use Restriction: No restriction

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List of clones:

Explanation of Terms
  Clone ID Clone
Keywords Reference
Vector Selection
1 LiCD00311532 Plasmid Details cDNA lin2722 lin2722 partial cds No/No FUSION pMCSG19 bacterial: ampicillin
2 RrCD00335772 Plasmid Details cDNA Reut_B4987 BNR repeat-containing glycosyl hydrolase full-length cds No/No CLOSED pSpeedET bacterial: kanamycin
3 BsCD00370437 Plasmid Details cDNA gmuG exported mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase full-length cds Yes/No CLOSED pSGX3 bacterial: kanamycin
4 SaCD00432683 Plasmid Details cDNA SAV0321 hypothetical protein full length No/Yes CLOSED pMCSG19 bacterial: ampicillin
5 EfCD00450400 Plasmid Details cDNA EF1237 hypothetical protein partial cds No/No CLOSED pMCSG19 bacterial: ampicillin
6 BsCD00531324 Plasmid Details cDNA NA NA NA No/Yes FUSION pET21_NESG bacterial: ampicillin
7 UnCD00534390 Plasmid Details cDNA NA NA NA No/No CLOSED pSGX3 bacterial: kanamycin
8 EfCD00584424 Plasmid Details cDNA EF0381 hypothetical protein NA No/No CLOSED pMCSG7 bacterial: ampicillin
9 UnCD00663579 Plasmid Details cDNA NA NA NA No/No FUSION pET21_NESG bacterial: ampicillin
10 CpCD00696668 Plasmid Details cDNA Cpin_6674 G-D-S-L family lipolytic protein lipolytic protein G-D-S-L family No/No CLOSED pMCSG73 bacterial: ampicillin


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