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Collection: Francisella tularensis whole genome ORF collection (E. coli expression vector)

Description: Francisella tularensis (strain Schu4) from the Harvard Institute of Proteomics (HIP) at HMS in an E. coli bacterial expression vector. ORF inserts were fully sequence-verified prior to transfer from the entry to the expression vector. Excludes toxin-encoding genes. Distribution in USA only.
Total number of clones in the collection: 1464
Price: $ 10248.0 ($7.00 per clone)
Use Restriction: No restriction

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List of clones:

Explanation of Terms
Clone ID Clone
FtCD00062154 cDNA hflX protease, GTP-binding subunit YP_169652 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062155 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169409 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062156 cDNA hflK SPFH domain, band 7 family protein YP_169654 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062157 cDNA NA Apolipoprotein N-acyltransferase YP_169635 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062158 cDNA NA Permease YjgP/YjgQ family protein YP_170273 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062159 cDNA hflC SPFH domain, band 7 family protein YP_169655 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062160 cDNA engA GTP-binding protein YP_170260 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062161 cDNA rpoA2 DNA-directed RNA polymerase, alpha subunit YP_170380 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062162 cDNA hfq host factor I for bacteriophage Q beta replication YP_169651 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062163 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169406 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062164 cDNA pyrE orotate phosphoribosyltransferase YP_169477 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062165 cDNA phoH phoH-like protein YP_169638 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062166 cDNA NA polysaccharide biosynthesis protein (export protein) YP_170284 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062167 cDNA greA transcriptional elongation factor YP_170266 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062168 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169649 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062169 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169466 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062170 cDNA wzb low molecular weight (LMW) phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase YP_169656 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062171 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170277 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062172 cDNA thrC threonine synthase YP_169469 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062173 cDNA malQ 4-alpha-glucanotransferase YP_169462 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062174 cDNA yjfH tRNA/rRNA methyltransferase YP_169479 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062178 cDNA glpF glycerol uptake facilitator protein YP_169200 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062179 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169351 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062180 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169189 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062181 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169195 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062182 cDNA rluC ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase C YP_169130 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062183 cDNA NA ATPase YP_169129 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062184 cDNA atpF ATP synthase B chain YP_169135 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062185 cDNA fmt Methionyl-tRNA formyltransferase YP_169921 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062186 cDNA nuoB NADH dehydrogenase I, B subunit YP_169108 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062188 cDNA nuoJ NADH dehydrogenase I, J subunit YP_169116 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062189 cDNA atpB ATP synthase A chain YP_169133 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062191 cDNA tspO Tryptophan-rich sensory protein YP_170081 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062192 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169349 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062193 cDNA oppD oligopeptide transporter, subunit D, ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_169192 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062196 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169346 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062197 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169920 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062198 cDNA nuoI NADH dehydrogenase I, I subunit YP_169115 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062199 cDNA nuoE NADH dehydrogenase I, E subunit YP_169111 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062200 cDNA fur ferric uptake regulation protein YP_169106 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062201 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169350 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062202 cDNA rbfA Ribosome-binding factor A YP_169126 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062203 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169933 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062204 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169201 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062205 cDNA nuoH NADH dehydrogenase I, H subunit YP_169114 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062207 cDNA NA rRNA methyltransferase YP_170082 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062209 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170564 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062210 cDNA NA two component response regulator YP_170471 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062211 cDNA NA Eflux protein YP_169230 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062213 cDNA purN phosphoribosylglycinamide formyltransferase YP_169892 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062214 cDNA parB chromosome partition protein B YP_169905 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062215 cDNA fadA 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase YP_170461 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062217 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170464 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062218 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169875 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062219 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170466 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062221 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169877 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062224 cDNA parA chmomosome partition protein A YP_169904 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062225 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169716 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062226 cDNA purM Phosphoribosylaminoimidazol (AIR) synthetase YP_169890 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062227 cDNA radA DNA repair protein radA YP_169873 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062228 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169874 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062229 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169895 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062230 cDNA aroC chorismate synthase YP_169876 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062231 cDNA msrB peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase YP_169878 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062232 cDNA NA arsenical restistance operon repressor YP_169868 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062233 cDNA fbaB Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase YP_170314 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062235 cDNA prfA peptide chain release factor 1 YP_169234 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062236 cDNA NA Type IV pili glycosylation protein YP_169902 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062237 cDNA omp26 outer membrane protein 26 YP_170470 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062238 cDNA udk uridine kinase YP_169718 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062239 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169884 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062240 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169872 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062241 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170574 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062242 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170599 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062243 cDNA panC Pantoate-beta-alanine ligase YP_170335 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062246 cDNA trpS Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase YP_170423 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062247 cDNA galP2 Galactose-proton symporter, major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_170409 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062248 cDNA galT Galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase YP_170411 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062249 cDNA lpd dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase YP_170418 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062250 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170452 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062251 cDNA arsC1 arsenate reductase YP_169831 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062253 cDNA secB2 preprotein translocase, subunit B, chaperone protein YP_170435 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062255 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170443 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062256 cDNA tolR TolR protein YP_169843 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062257 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170438 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062258 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170445 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062259 cDNA aroQ chorismate mutase YP_169839 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062260 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170455 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062263 cDNA dnaJ1 heat shock protein, hsp40 YP_170446 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062264 cDNA NA Na+/H+ antiporter YP_170425 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062265 cDNA coaE Dephospho-CoA kinase YP_170422 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062266 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170428 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062267 cDNA ogt Methylated-DNA--protein-cysteine methyltransferase YP_170450 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062292 cDNA NA Aminoacylase YP_170152 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062294 cDNA glyQ Glycyl-tRNA synthetase alpha chain YP_169463 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062295 cDNA NA Permease YjgP/YjgQ family protein YP_170272 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062296 cDNA gpmI 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate-independent phosphoglycerate mutase YP_170281 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062297 cDNA NA o-methyltransferase family protein YP_169640 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062298 cDNA cscK Fructokinase YP_170283 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062299 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170261 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062300 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170010 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062301 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169832 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062302 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170307 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062303 cDNA msrA2 peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase msrA YP_170681 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062304 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170518 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062305 cDNA potF Putrescine-binding periplasmic protein YP_169519 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062306 cDNA yibK tRNA/rRNA methyltransferase YP_169501 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062307 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169979 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062308 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169963 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062309 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169314 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062310 cDNA oxyR oxidative stress transcriptional regulator YP_169582 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062311 cDNA olmA outer membrane lipoprotein YP_170586 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062312 cDNA accB Acetyl-CoA carboxylase, biotin carboxyl carrier protein subunit YP_169510 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062314 cDNA NA chitin binding protein YP_169823 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062315 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170298 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062316 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170145 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062317 cDNA cyoA Cytochrome O ubiquinol oxidase subunit II YP_169331 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062318 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170165 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062319 cDNA NA OmpA family protein YP_169836 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062320 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170299 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062321 cDNA NA Acetyltransferase protein YP_170654 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062322 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169841 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062323 cDNA NA Type IV pili lipoprotein YP_170038 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062324 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170667 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062325 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169900 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062326 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169089 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062327 cDNA NA choloylglycine hydrolase family protein YP_170083 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062328 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170218 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062331 cDNA NA Lipopolysaccharide protein YP_169308 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062332 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169339 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062333 cDNA NA FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase family protein YP_170026 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062334 cDNA NA macrophage infectivity potentiator, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062335 cDNA lolB lipoprotein releasing system, subunit B, outer membrane lipoprotein YP_169322 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062336 cDNA NA conservered hypothetical protein YP_170364 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062337 cDNA sodC superoxide dismuate (Cu-Zn) precusor YP_169879 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062338 cDNA ftsQ cell division protein FtsQ YP_169247 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062340 cDNA lpnB conserved hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169901 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062341 cDNA NA Type IV pili associated protein YP_170126 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062342 cDNA fdx Ferredoxin YP_169606 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062343 cDNA lysA diaminopimelate decarboxylase YP_169103 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062344 cDNA cca tRNA nucleotidyltransferase YP_169178 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062345 cDNA NA conserved membrane protein YP_169104 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062346 cDNA pheA prephenate dehydratase YP_169599 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062347 cDNA alr alanine racemase YP_169598 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062348 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169174 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062349 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169593 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062350 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169090 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062351 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169595 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062352 cDNA NA Efflux protein, RND family, MFP subunit YP_169176 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062353 cDNA psd phosphatidylserine decarboxylase proenzyme YP_169429 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062354 cDNA NA conserved membrane protein YP_169102 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062355 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169098 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062356 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169600 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062357 cDNA gatA Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit A YP_169096 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062358 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169173 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062359 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169428 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062360 cDNA cynT carbonic anhydrase YP_169615 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062361 cDNA NA Proline/betaine transporter, major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169087 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062362 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169612 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062363 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169596 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062364 cDNA valB Tetraacyldisaccharide 4'-kinase YP_169180 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062365 cDNA NA hesB family protein YP_169603 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062367 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169093 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062368 cDNA ansA L-asparaginase YP_169614 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062369 cDNA deoB Phosphopentomutase YP_169183 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062370 cDNA coaD phosphopantetheine adenylyltransferase YP_169605 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062371 cDNA truA tRNA pseudouridine synthase A YP_170006 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062373 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170060 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062374 cDNA hemF Coproporphyinogen III oxidase YP_170044 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062375 cDNA ptsN PEP-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system (PTS) family protein YP_170236 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062377 cDNA trxB thioredoxin reductase YP_169527 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062378 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169971 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062379 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170065 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062380 cDNA infA translation initiation factor IF YP_169956 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062381 cDNA ruvB holliday junction DNA helicase, subunit B YP_169998 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062382 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170050 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062383 cDNA mglA macrophage growth locus, subunit A YP_170231 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062384 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169970 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062385 cDNA rdgC recombination associated protein YP_170063 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062386 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170056 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062388 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170062 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062389 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169521 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062390 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170058 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062391 cDNA mglB macrophage growth locus, subunit B YP_170232 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062393 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170243 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062394 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169955 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062395 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170228 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062396 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169973 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062397 cDNA cbs cystathionine beta-synthase (cystein synthase) YP_170242 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062409 cDNA rpmH 50S ribosomal protein L34 YP_169289 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062410 cDNA minC septum site-determining protein MinC YP_170521 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062411 cDNA minE cell division topological specificity factor protein YP_170523 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062412 cDNA usp universal stress protein YP_169298 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062413 cDNA tdcD propionate kinase YP_170647 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062414 cDNA glpe thiosulfate sulfurtransferase YP_170642 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062415 cDNA NA tetrapyrrole methyltransferase family protein YP_169293 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062416 cDNA purT phosphoribosylglycinamide formyltransferase 2 YP_170658 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062418 cDNA ddg Acyltransferase YP_169285 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062419 cDNA secB1 preprotein translocase, subunit B, chaperone protein YP_170643 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062420 cDNA efp elongation factor P YP_169282 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062421 cDNA NA Acetyltransferase protein YP_170653 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062422 cDNA recX Regulatory protein recX YP_170645 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062423 cDNA NA Peptidase YP_170640 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062424 cDNA NA Ferredoxin YP_170655 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062425 cDNA htrB Acyltransferase YP_169284 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062426 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169294 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062427 cDNA NA Type IV pili fiber building block protein YP_169283 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062428 cDNA ssb Single-strand binding protein YP_170646 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062429 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170656 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062430 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical protein, fragment No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062431 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169296 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062432 cDNA NA phosphate transport protein YP_169274 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062433 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169275 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062434 cDNA NA ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_170524 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062435 cDNA rluB ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase B YP_170037 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062436 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170030 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062437 cDNA NA haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase family protein YP_169807 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062438 cDNA murB UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvoylglucosamine reductase YP_170258 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062442 cDNA NA conservered hypothetical protein YP_170367 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062443 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170163 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062444 cDNA recO DNA repair protein recO YP_170182 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062445 cDNA rpmD 50S ribosomal protein L30 YP_169392 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062447 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170194 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062448 cDNA rplQ 50S ribosomal protein L17 YP_169400 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062450 cDNA NA glycosyl transferase family 8 protein YP_170195 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062457 cDNA rpsD 30S ribosomal protein S4 YP_169398 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062458 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170665 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062460 cDNA iscS cysteine desulfarase YP_170184 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062463 cDNA trpB tryptophan synthase beta chain YP_170663 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062464 cDNA dedA1 DedA family protein YP_170181 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062465 cDNA hitA histidine triad (HIT) family protein YP_170254 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062466 cDNA mesJ PP-loop family protein YP_170189 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062467 cDNA NA Acetyltransferase YP_170371 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062470 cDNA NA conservered hypothetical membrane protein YP_170369 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062471 cDNA rpsN 30S ribosomal protein S14 YP_169387 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062472 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170357 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062473 cDNA rplD 50S ribosomal protein L4 YP_169375 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062474 cDNA NA conservered hypothetical membrane protein YP_170343 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062475 cDNA rhtC threonine efflux protein YP_170372 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062477 cDNA tsf protein chain elongation factor EF-Ts YP_169363 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062479 cDNA rplC 50S ribosomal protein L3 YP_169374 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062480 cDNA NA Deoxyribonuclease YP_170378 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062481 cDNA rplF 50S ribosomal protein L6 YP_169389 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062482 cDNA nusB N utilisation substance protein B YP_170361 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062484 cDNA uppS undecaprenyl pyrophosphate synthetase YP_169366 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062485 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170358 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062486 cDNA feoA ferrous iron transport protein A YP_170347 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062487 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169411 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062488 cDNA rpsL 30S ribosomal protein S12 YP_169370 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062492 cDNA gloA lactoylglutathione lyase YP_170170 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062493 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169422 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062495 cDNA NA Oxidoreductase YP_170365 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062496 cDNA rpsG 30S ribosomal protein S7 YP_169371 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062498 cDNA rpsH 30S ribosomal protein S8 YP_169388 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062499 cDNA NA Aminotransferase YP_170356 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062502 cDNA hdc histidine decarboxylase YP_169681 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062504 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169260 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062505 cDNA prfB peptide chain release factor 2 YP_169252 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062506 cDNA ftsZ cell division protein YP_169249 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062507 cDNA NA Beta-fructofuranosidase YP_170553 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062508 cDNA ispF 2C-methyl-D-erythritol 2,4-cyclodiphosphate synthase YP_170101 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062509 cDNA NA Sodium/hydrogen exchanger family protein YP_169686 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062511 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169684 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062512 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169261 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062515 cDNA rluD ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase D YP_170203 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062516 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170554 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062519 cDNA NA Sua5/YciO/YrdC family protein YP_169243 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062521 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169692 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062522 cDNA hslV ATP-dependent protease, proteasome-related peptidase subunit YP_169704 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062523 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169688 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062524 cDNA NA mycobacterial cell entry (mce) related family protein YP_170207 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062525 cDNA ddlB D-alanine--D-alanine ligase B YP_169246 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062527 cDNA NA Proton-dependent oligopeptide transport (POT) family protein YP_169702 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062530 cDNA dctA C4-dicarboxylate transport protein YP_170289 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062531 cDNA crcB CrcB family protein YP_169312 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062535 cDNA NA Type IV pili lipoprotein. YP_170124 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062536 cDNA lolD lipoprotein releasing system, subunit D, ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_169450 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062537 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169625 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062539 cDNA NA Type IV pili glycosylation protein YP_170125 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062540 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169446 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062541 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170127 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062543 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169443 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062545 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170147 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062547 cDNA gcvP1 glycine cleavage system P protein, subunit 1 YP_169454 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062550 cDNA rplV 50S ribosomal protein L22 YP_169379 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062551 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169620 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062553 cDNA udp uridine phosphorylase YP_170279 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062556 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062557 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170566 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062558 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170672 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062559 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170634 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062560 cDNA trpA tryptophan synthase alpha chain YP_170662 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062561 cDNA dtd D-tyrosyl-tRNA(Tyr) deacylase YP_170555 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062562 cDNA NA 3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase YP_170573 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062563 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170606 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062564 cDNA NA transcription regulator YP_170589 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062565 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170561 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062566 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170666 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062567 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170680 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062568 cDNA NA NAD-dependent formate dehydrogenase, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062569 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170683 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062570 cDNA gplX GlpX protein YP_170544 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062571 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170607 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062572 cDNA NA NA+/H+ antiporter NHAP, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062573 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170567 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062574 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170609 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062575 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170563 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062576 cDNA def2 peptide deformylase YP_170581 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062577 cDNA ribD riboflavin biosynthesis protein ribD YP_170577 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062578 cDNA NA chorismate mutase YP_170558 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062579 cDNA trmU tRNA (5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridylate)-methyltransferase YP_170583 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062580 cDNA NA outer membrane protein YP_170641 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062581 cDNA nhaA Na(+)/H(+) antiporter 1 YP_170651 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062582 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170615 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062583 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170612 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062584 cDNA hsdR2 HsdR protein, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062585 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_170588 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062586 cDNA iglA1 intracellular growth locus, subunit A YP_170619 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062587 cDNA NA B-type cytochrome YP_170650 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062588 cDNA NA multidrug resistance protein, membrane located YP_170629 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062589 cDNA NA aromatic amino acid transporter of the HAAAP family YP_170633 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062590 cDNA iglD1 intracellular growth locus, subunit D YP_170616 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062591 cDNA NA ProP osmoprotectant transporter, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062592 cDNA NA aromatic amino acid transporter of the HAAAP family YP_170593 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062593 cDNA NA Transporter, LysE family YP_170674 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062594 cDNA sdaC2 serine transporter YP_170575 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062595 cDNA napH Na+/H+ antiporter, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062596 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170611 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062597 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_170671 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062598 cDNA iglC1 intracellular growth locus, subunit C YP_170617 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062599 cDNA NA Carboxypeptidase,fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062600 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170625 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062601 cDNA yegQ protease yegQ YP_170628 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062602 cDNA pyrF Orotidine 5'-phosphate decarboxylase YP_170557 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062603 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170610 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062604 cDNA tmpT Thiopurine S-methyltransferase YP_170569 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062605 cDNA putP Sodium/proline permease YP_170543 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062606 cDNA hsdR3 HsdR protein, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062607 cDNA rng Ribonuclease G YP_170686 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062608 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170669 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062609 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170598 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062610 cDNA iglB1 intracellular growth locus, subunit B YP_170618 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062611 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170613 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062612 cDNA yjjK ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_170670 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062613 cDNA NA amino acid transporter YP_170631 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062614 cDNA rpmG 50S ribosomal protein L33 YP_170520 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062615 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170540 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062616 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170505 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062617 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170487 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062618 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170416 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062619 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170534 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062620 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170415 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062621 cDNA NA Transposase, fragement No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062622 cDNA nadC Nicotinate-nucleotide pyrophosphorylase YP_170404 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062623 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical protein, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062624 cDNA xerC Integrase/recombinase XerC YP_170437 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062625 cDNA NA Endonuclease YP_170503 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062626 cDNA ispA Geranyltranstransferase YP_170485 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062627 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170527 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062628 cDNA ppnK inorganic phosphate/ATP-NAD kinase YP_170373 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062629 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170537 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062630 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170535 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062631 cDNA yagD ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_170376 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062632 cDNA arsC2 arsenate reductase YP_170457 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062633 cDNA ppx Exopolyphosphatase YP_170382 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062634 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170447 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062635 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170469 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062636 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170473 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062637 cDNA gtrB glycosyl transferase YP_170374 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062638 cDNA lpxD UDP-3-O-[3-hydroxymyristoyl] glucosamine N-acyltransferase YP_170493 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062639 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170431 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062640 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170379 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062641 cDNA nadA quinolinate sythetase A YP_170405 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062642 cDNA fabZ (3R)-hydroxymyristoyl-(acyl-carrier protein) dehydratase YP_170492 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062643 cDNA ompH outer membrane protein OmpH YP_170494 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062644 cDNA wbtM dTDP-D-glucose 4,6-dehydratase YP_170387 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062645 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170432 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062646 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170499 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062647 cDNA gmk guanylate kinase YP_170406 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062648 cDNA wbtG glycosyl transferase YP_170394 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062649 cDNA NA HAM1 protein YP_170483 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062650 cDNA NA Lipoprotein YP_170509 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062651 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170427 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062652 cDNA NA conserved hypothetcial protein YP_170526 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062653 cDNA NA Chitinase, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062654 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170529 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062655 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170449 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062656 cDNA wbtJ formyl transferase YP_170391 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062657 cDNA NA Oxidoreductase YP_170475 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062658 cDNA isftu2 Transposase YP_170453 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062659 cDNA wzy Membrane protein/O-antigen protein YP_170395 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062660 cDNA isftu2 Transposase YP_170402 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062661 cDNA isftu2 Transposase YP_170377 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062662 cDNA gabP Glutamate/gamma-aminobutyrate anti-porter YP_170451 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062663 cDNA kdsB 3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate cytidyltransferase YP_170414 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062664 cDNA pcs phosphatidylcholine synthase YP_170486 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062665 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170465 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062666 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170539 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062667 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170513 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062668 cDNA manB Phosphomannomutase YP_170385 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062669 cDNA wzx O-antigen flippase YP_170390 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062670 cDNA naoX NADH oxidase YP_170368 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062671 cDNA NA Carbon-nitrogen hydrolase YP_170360 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062672 cDNA rmpF 50S ribosomal protein L32 YP_170320 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062673 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170157 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062674 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical protein, fragment No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062675 cDNA NA transcriptional regulator araC family protein YP_170213 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062676 cDNA acpP acyl carrier protein YP_170325 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062677 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170204 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062678 cDNA yhbH Sigma-54 modulation protein YP_170237 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062679 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170344 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062680 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170220 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062681 cDNA rpsI 30S ribosomal protein S9 YP_170230 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062682 cDNA emrA1 HlyD family secretion protein YP_170215 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062683 cDNA cdd cytidine deaminase YP_170280 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062684 cDNA queA S-adenosylmethionine:tRNA ribosyltransferase-isomerase YP_170173 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062685 cDNA NA Hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170359 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062686 cDNA plsX fatty acid/phospholipid synthesis protein lsX YP_170321 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062687 cDNA gapA Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase YP_170317 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062688 cDNA rplM 50S ribosomal subunit protein L13 YP_170229 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062689 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170294 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062690 cDNA isftu2 Transposase No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062691 cDNA NA choloylglycine hydrolase family protein,pseudogene No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062692 cDNA NA Acetyltransferase YP_170329 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062693 cDNA dnaJ Chaperone protein dnaJ (heat shock protein 70 family cofactor) YP_170224 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062694 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170301 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062695 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170177 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062696 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170304 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062697 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170354 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062698 cDNA pgk phosphogylcerate kinase YP_170316 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062699 cDNA iglD intracellular growth locus, subunit D YP_170308 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062700 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170341 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062701 cDNA iglA intracellular growth locus, subunit A YP_170311 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062702 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170252 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062703 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170262 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062704 cDNA NA Sua5_yciO_yrdC family protein YP_170248 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062705 cDNA glyA serine hydroxymethyltransferase YP_170199 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062706 cDNA dedA2 DedA family protein YP_170180 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062707 cDNA iglC intracellular growth locus, subunit C YP_170309 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062708 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170200 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062709 cDNA NA thiamine pyrophospokinase YP_170269 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062710 cDNA NA Sodium-solute symporter family protein YP_170233 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062711 cDNA NA Membrane protein YP_170293 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062712 cDNA serS Seryl-tRNA synthetase YP_170282 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062713 cDNA NA prophage repressor protein YP_170345 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062714 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_170155 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062715 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170209 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062716 cDNA yjdL Proton-dependent oligopeptide transport (POT) family protein YP_170191 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062717 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170208 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062718 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170196 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062719 cDNA yhhW pirin family protein YP_170222 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062720 cDNA murA UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 1-carboxyvinyltransferase YP_170259 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062721 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170333 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062722 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170302 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062723 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170210 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062724 cDNA NA Proton-dependent oligopeptide transport (POT) family protein YP_170211 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062725 cDNA isftu2 Transposase YP_170292 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062726 cDNA iglB intracellular growth locus, subunit B YP_170310 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062727 cDNA yfhQ SpoU rRNA methylase family protein YP_170235 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062728 cDNA NA sulfate permease family protein YP_170291 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062729 cDNA ubiE menaquinone biosynthesis methyltransferase YP_170251 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062730 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170305 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062731 cDNA ubiB 2-polyprenylphenol 6-hydroxylase YP_170253 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062732 cDNA proS Prolyl-tRNA synthetase YP_170355 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062733 cDNA cydD ABC transporter, ATP-binding and membrane protein YP_170287 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062734 cDNA mreA FAD binding family protein YP_170201 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062736 cDNA murI glutamate racemase YP_170156 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062737 cDNA yfiO conserved hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170202 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062738 cDNA NA metallopeptidase family M13 protein, pseudogene No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062739 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170256 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062740 cDNA tktA Transketolase YP_170318 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062741 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170033 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062742 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170092 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062743 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169994 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062744 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169976 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062745 cDNA NA Helix-turn-helix family protein YP_169996 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062746 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170049 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062747 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170034 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062748 cDNA vacJ VacJ lipoprotein, pseudogene No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062749 cDNA rpsR 30S ribosomal protein S18 YP_170042 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062750 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170154 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062751 cDNA NA transcriptional regulator YP_170054 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062752 cDNA secF preprotein translocase, subunit F, membrane protein YP_170088 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062753 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170112 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062754 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170108 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062755 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169985 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062756 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170064 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062757 cDNA hemH Ferrochelatase YP_170109 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062758 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170078 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062759 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170077 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062760 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170047 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062761 cDNA metN D-methionine transport protein, ABC transporter,ATP-binding subunit YP_170097 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062762 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170079 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062763 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170020 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062764 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170071 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062765 cDNA dfp 4'-phosphopantothenoylcysteine decarboxylase,phosphopantothenoylcysteine synthetase,FMN-binding (bifunctional protein) YP_170114 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062766 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169980 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062767 cDNA NA isochorismatase hydrolase family protein YP_170070 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062768 cDNA NA isochorismatase hydrolase family protein YP_170068 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062769 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169992 No/Yes CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062770 cDNA aroK shikimate kinase I YP_170122 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062771 cDNA NA aromatic amino acid transporter of the HAAAP family YP_170099 No/No CLOSED pDEST17
FtCD00062772 cDNA NA hypothetical protein