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Collection: Francisella tularensis whole genome ORF collection (pDONR221 Gateway Entry Vector)

Description: Francisella tularensis (Schu4) ORF collection from the Harvard Institute of Proteomics (HIP) at HMS. All clones were fully sequence-verified after cloning into the vector pDONR221. Clones are CLOSED format (endogenous stop codon is present). Excludes toxin-encoding genes. Distribution in USA only.
Total number of clones in the collection: 1507
Price: $ 10549.0 ($7.00 per clone)
Use Restriction: No restriction

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List of clones:

Explanation of Terms
Clone ID Clone
FtCD00020298 cDNA tmk thymidylate kinase YP_169187 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020299 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169593 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020300 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169600 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020301 cDNA cynT carbonic anhydrase YP_169615 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020302 cDNA rubA Rubredoxin YP_169618 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020303 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169596 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020304 cDNA fdx Ferredoxin YP_169606 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020305 cDNA NA transcriptional regulator YP_169182 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020306 cDNA pheA prephenate dehydratase YP_169599 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020307 cDNA gatC Glu-tRNAGln amidotransferase C subunit YP_169095 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020308 cDNA psd phosphatidylserine decarboxylase proenzyme YP_169429 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020309 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169617 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020310 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169428 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020311 cDNA valB Tetraacyldisaccharide 4'-kinase YP_169180 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020312 cDNA NA hesB family protein YP_169603 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020313 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169594 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020314 cDNA ansA L-asparaginase YP_169614 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020315 cDNA cca tRNA nucleotidyltransferase YP_169178 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020316 cDNA alr alanine racemase YP_169598 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020317 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169090 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020318 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169595 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020319 cDNA NA conserved membrane protein YP_169102 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020320 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169098 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020321 cDNA nupC1 nucleoside permease NUP family protein YP_169185 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020322 cDNA NA Proline/betaine transporter, major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169087 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020323 cDNA csdB selenocysteine lyase YP_169602 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020324 cDNA deoB Phosphopentomutase YP_169183 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020325 cDNA coaD phosphopantetheine adenylyltransferase YP_169605 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020326 cDNA lysA diaminopimelate decarboxylase YP_169103 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020327 cDNA NA conserved membrane protein YP_169104 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020328 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169174 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020329 cDNA NA Efflux protein, RND family, MFP subunit YP_169176 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020330 cDNA gatA Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit A YP_169096 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020331 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169173 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020332 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169612 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020333 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169093 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020334 cDNA prfC peptide chain release factor 3 YP_169188 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020335 cDNA glpF glycerol uptake facilitator protein YP_169200 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020336 cDNA atpB ATP synthase A chain YP_169133 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020337 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169349 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020338 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169121 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020339 cDNA msrA1 peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase YP_170080 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020340 cDNA NA transcriptional regulator, LysR family YP_170560 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020341 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169350 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020342 cDNA NA Lipase/esterase YP_169934 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020343 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169351 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020344 cDNA rluC ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase C YP_169130 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020345 cDNA fmt Methionyl-tRNA formyltransferase YP_169921 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020346 cDNA emrA2 HlyD family secretion protein YP_170562 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020347 cDNA oppD oligopeptide transporter, subunit D, ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_169192 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020348 cDNA nuoA NADH dehydrogenase I, A subunit YP_169107 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020349 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169920 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020350 cDNA fur ferric uptake regulation protein YP_169106 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020351 cDNA rbfA Ribosome-binding factor A YP_169126 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020352 cDNA nuoH NADH dehydrogenase I, H subunit YP_169114 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020353 cDNA hemE uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase YP_169122 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020354 cDNA NA ATPase YP_169129 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020355 cDNA atpF ATP synthase B chain YP_169135 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020356 cDNA nuoB NADH dehydrogenase I, B subunit YP_169108 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020357 cDNA tspO Tryptophan-rich sensory protein YP_170081 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020358 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169194 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020359 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169346 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020360 cDNA nuoD NADH dehydrogenase I, D subunit YP_169110 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020361 cDNA nuoI NADH dehydrogenase I, I subunit YP_169115 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020362 cDNA folK 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6-hydroxymethyldihydropteridine pyrophosphokinase/dihydropteroate synthase YP_169935 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020363 cDNA nuoE NADH dehydrogenase I, E subunit YP_169111 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020364 cDNA nuoF NADH dehydrogenase I, F subunit YP_169112 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020365 cDNA NA ion channel protein, fragment No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020366 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169933 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020367 cDNA hemL Glutamate-1-semialdehyde-2,1-aminomutase YP_169923 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020368 cDNA atpH ATP synthase delta chain YP_169136 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020369 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169131 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020370 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170564 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020371 cDNA NA fatty acid hydroxylase YP_169918 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020372 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169189 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020373 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169195 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020374 cDNA NA AMP-binding family protein YP_169937 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020375 cDNA nuoJ NADH dehydrogenase I, J subunit YP_169116 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020376 cDNA glpK glycerol kinase YP_169197 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020377 cDNA nuoM NADH dehydrogenase I, M subunit YP_169119 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020378 cDNA NA Beta-glucosidase-related glycosidase YP_169924 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020379 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169201 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020380 cDNA NA rRNA methyltransferase YP_170082 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020381 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169971 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020382 cDNA mglA macrophage growth locus, subunit A YP_170231 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020383 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169970 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020384 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169523 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020385 cDNA NA ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_169961 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020386 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170045 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020387 cDNA NA fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase family protein YP_170008 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020388 cDNA truA tRNA pseudouridine synthase A YP_170006 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020389 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169997 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020390 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170060 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020391 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170057 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020392 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170065 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020393 cDNA infA translation initiation factor IF YP_169956 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020394 cDNA rdgC recombination associated protein YP_170063 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020395 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170238 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020396 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170062 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020397 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169521 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020398 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170058 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020399 cDNA NA LysR transcriptional regulator family protein YP_170241 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020400 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169955 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020401 cDNA cbs cystathionine beta-synthase (cystein synthase) YP_170242 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020402 cDNA hemF Coproporphyinogen III oxidase YP_170044 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020403 cDNA trxA2 Thioredoxin 1 YP_169964 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020404 cDNA trxB thioredoxin reductase YP_169527 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020405 cDNA ruvB holliday junction DNA helicase, subunit B YP_169998 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020406 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170056 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020407 cDNA mglB macrophage growth locus, subunit B YP_170232 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020408 cDNA mltA Membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase A (MLT) family protein YP_170227 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020409 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170228 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020410 cDNA NA Phospholipase D family protein. YP_169528 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020411 cDNA ptsN PEP-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system (PTS) family protein YP_170236 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020412 cDNA trmE tRNA modification GTPase trmE family protein YP_170239 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020413 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170050 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020414 cDNA NA ABC transporter, membrane protein YP_169960 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020415 cDNA guaA GMP synthase (glutamine-hydrolyzing) YP_170004 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020416 cDNA mutL DNA mismatch repair protein YP_169524 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020417 cDNA rnhB Ribonuclease HII YP_170234 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020418 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170007 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020419 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170243 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020420 cDNA uvrC DNA excision repair enzyme, subunit C (UvrABC system protein A) YP_169784 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020421 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169973 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020424 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169534 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020444 cDNA msrA2 peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase msrA YP_170681 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020445 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169963 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020446 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169314 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020447 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169975 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020448 cDNA NA Acetyltransferase protein YP_170654 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020449 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169841 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020450 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169542 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020451 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169089 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020452 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169694 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020453 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169491 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020455 cDNA NA FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase family protein YP_170026 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020456 cDNA NA macrophage infectivity potentiator, fragment No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020457 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170362 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020458 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170010 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020459 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169832 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020460 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170518 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020461 cDNA oxyR oxidative stress transcriptional regulator YP_169582 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020462 cDNA olmA outer membrane lipoprotein YP_170586 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020463 cDNA NA chitin binding protein YP_169823 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020464 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170298 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020465 cDNA cyoA Cytochrome O ubiquinol oxidase subunit II YP_169331 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020466 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170165 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020467 cDNA NA Type IV pili lipoprotein YP_170038 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020468 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170667 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020469 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170024 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020470 cDNA NA choloylglycine hydrolase family protein YP_170083 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020471 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170218 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020472 cDNA NA Lipopolysaccharide protein YP_169308 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020473 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169339 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020474 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170582 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020475 cDNA lpnA conserved hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169898 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020476 cDNA gpsA Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+] YP_169871 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020477 cDNA NA conservered hypothetical protein YP_170364 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020478 cDNA pilT Type IV pili nucleotide-binding protein YP_169162 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020479 cDNA lpnB conserved hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169901 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020480 cDNA potF Putrescine-binding periplasmic protein YP_169519 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020481 cDNA yibK tRNA/rRNA methyltransferase YP_169501 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020482 cDNA accB Acetyl-CoA carboxylase, biotin carboxyl carrier protein subunit YP_169510 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020483 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical lipoprotein YP_170145 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020484 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169899 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020485 cDNA NA OmpA family protein YP_169836 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020486 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170299 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020487 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169900 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020488 cDNA NA outer membrane efflux protein YP_170216 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020489 cDNA groL Chaperone protein, groEL YP_170601 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020490 cDNA sodC superoxide dismuate (Cu-Zn) precusor YP_169879 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020491 cDNA pyrG CTP synthase YP_169421 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020492 cDNA NA Type IV pili associated protein YP_170126 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020493 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169915 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020494 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170307 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020495 cDNA ipdC indolepyruvate decarboxylase YP_170639 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020496 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169979 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020497 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170300 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020498 cDNA NA LemA-like protein YP_169865 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020499 cDNA pilB Type IV pili nucleotide binding protein, ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_170105 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020500 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170468 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020501 cDNA ggt Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase YP_170144 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020502 cDNA lolA lipoprotein releasing system, subunit A, outer membrane lipoproteins carrier YP_170549 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020503 cDNA htpG Chaperone Hsp90, heat shock protein HtpG YP_169404 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020504 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170303 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020505 cDNA dnaK Chaperone protein dnaK (heat shock protein family 70 protein) YP_170225 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020506 cDNA NA Peptidoglycan-associated lipoprotein YP_169847 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020507 cDNA pdpA hypothetical protein YP_170296 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020508 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170559 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020509 cDNA lolB lipoprotein releasing system, subunit B, outer membrane lipoprotein YP_169322 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020510 cDNA pdpD1 hypothetical protein YP_170620 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020511 cDNA ftsQ cell division protein FtsQ YP_169247 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020540 cDNA folE GTP cyclohydrolase YP_169941 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020541 cDNA NA GDSL-like Lipase/Acylhydrolase family protein YP_170001 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020542 cDNA nfnB Oxygen-insensitive NAD(P)H nitroreductase YP_169353 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020543 cDNA bioD dethiobiotin synthetase YP_169927 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020544 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170069 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020545 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169144 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020546 cDNA sdhB succinate dehydrogenase iron-sulfur protein YP_169150 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020547 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169946 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020548 cDNA NA short chain dehydrogenase family protein YP_169999 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020549 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169944 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020550 cDNA bioC biotin synthesis protein BioC YP_169928 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020551 cDNA NA Glutaredoxin-related protein YP_169142 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020552 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170067 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020553 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170002 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020554 cDNA tpiA triosephosphate isomerase YP_169155 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020555 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170084 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020556 cDNA secG preprotein translocase, subunit G, membrane protein YP_169156 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020557 cDNA NA ROK family protein YP_169926 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020558 cDNA atpG ATP synthase gamma chain YP_169138 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020559 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170052 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020560 cDNA NA MutT/nudix family protein YP_169354 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020561 cDNA bioB biotin synthase YP_169930 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020562 cDNA talA Transaldolase YP_170072 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020563 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169950 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020564 cDNA NA Aldo/keto reductase YP_169940 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020565 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169959 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020566 cDNA aroG Phospho-2-dehydro-3-deoxyheptonate aldolase YP_169953 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020567 cDNA bioF 8-amino-7-oxononanoate synthase YP_169929 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020568 cDNA lldD L-lactate dehydrogenase YP_169352 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020569 cDNA atpC ATP synthase epsilon chain YP_169140 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020570 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170076 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020571 cDNA hisS Histidyl-tRNA synthetase YP_169127 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020572 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169128 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020573 cDNA rhlE ATP-dependent RNA helicase RhlE YP_169942 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020574 cDNA mrsA phosphoglucosamine mutase YP_169154 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020575 cDNA gor Pyruvate/2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex,dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase component YP_169945 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020576 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169947 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020577 cDNA trkA potassium uptake protein TrkA YP_169958 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020578 cDNA atpD ATP synthase beta chain YP_169139 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020579 cDNA apt adenine phosphoribosyltransferase YP_169153 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020580 cDNA fumC fumarate hydratase, Class II YP_169355 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020581 cDNA gltX Glutamyl-tRNA synthetase YP_169356 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020582 cDNA trpG anthranilate synthase component II YP_169939 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020583 cDNA sucB dihydrolipoamide succinyltransferase component of 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex YP_169152 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020584 cDNA atpA ATP synthase alpha chain YP_169137 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020585 cDNA sodB superoxide dismutase [Fe] YP_169143 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020586 cDNA mdaB modulator of drug activity B YP_169951 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020587 cDNA NA chorismate binding family protein YP_169938 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020588 cDNA sdhA succinate dehydrogenase, catalytic and NAD/flavoprotein subunit YP_169149 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020589 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169327 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020590 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169740 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020591 cDNA ubiG 3-demethylubiquinone-9 3-methyltransferase YP_170508 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020592 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169337 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020593 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170507 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020594 cDNA yjjV TatD related DNAse family protein YP_169773 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020596 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169763 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020597 cDNA lpxA Acyl-(acyl-carrier-protein)--UDP-N-acetylglucosam ine O-acyltransferase YP_170491 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020598 cDNA rpsU2 30S ribosomal protein S21 YP_169764 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020599 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169757 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020600 cDNA cspA cold shock protein YP_169762 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020601 cDNA cyoE Protoheme IX farnesyltransferase YP_169335 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020602 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169752 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020603 cDNA galU UTP--glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase YP_169768 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020604 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169165 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020605 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170506 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020606 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169341 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020607 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169771 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020608 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169769 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020609 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170488 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020610 cDNA ybhF ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_169741 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020611 cDNA cyoD Cytochrome O ubiquinol oxidase subunit IV YP_169334 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020612 cDNA moxR methanol dehydrogenase regulatory protein YP_169340 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020613 cDNA appB cytochrome oxidase bd-II, subunit II YP_169164 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020614 cDNA NA transcriptional regulator, LysR family YP_170510 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020615 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170512 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020616 cDNA NA glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase family protein YP_169739 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020617 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169168 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020618 cDNA lpxD1 UDP-3-O-[3-hydroxymyristoyl] glucosamine N-acyltransferase YP_169336 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020619 cDNA recF DNA replication and repair protein recF YP_169772 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020620 cDNA NA Regulatory protein YP_169987 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020621 cDNA NA Cation-efflux family protein YP_169767 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020622 cDNA lpxB Lipid-A-disaccharide synthase YP_170490 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020623 cDNA cydB cytochrome d terminal oxidase, polypeptide subunit II YP_169328 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020624 cDNA cobS Cobalamin (vitamin B12) synthesis protein/P47K family protein YP_169986 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020625 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169766 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020626 cDNA yajR major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169330 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020627 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170489 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020628 cDNA qseC sensor histidine kinase YP_169166 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020629 cDNA cyoC Cytochrome O ubiquinol oxidase, subunit III YP_169333 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020630 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical protein, fragment No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020631 cDNA NA aldehyde dehydrogenase YP_169578 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020632 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170025 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020633 cDNA NA hypothetical lipoprotein YP_169520 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020634 cDNA apaH Bis(5'-nucleosyl)-tetraphosphatase YP_169508 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020635 cDNA holB DNA polymerase III, delta prime subunit YP_169498 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020636 cDNA rpsU3 30S ribosomal protein S21 YP_170021 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020637 cDNA poxA Lysyl-tRNA synthetase YP_169514 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020638 cDNA ispB Octaprenyl-diphosphate synthase YP_170027 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020639 cDNA lipA lipoic acid synthetase YP_169671 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020640 cDNA sohB peptidase family S49 protein YP_169497 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020641 cDNA yhbY RNA-binding protein YP_169499 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020642 cDNA perM PerM family protein YP_169517 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020643 cDNA murD UDP-N-acetylmuramoylalanine--D-glutamate ligase YP_169489 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020644 cDNA ndh NADH dehydrogenase YP_170017 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020645 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169485 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020646 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169665 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020647 cDNA accC Acetyl-CoA carboxylase, biotin carboxylase subunit YP_169511 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020648 cDNA aroD 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase, type II YP_169509 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020649 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170015 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020650 cDNA yccK anaerobic sulfite reductase subunit YP_169495 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020651 cDNA mraY Phospho-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide transferase YP_169488 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020652 cDNA dacB D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase (Penicillin binding protein) family protein YP_170022 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020653 cDNA NA DNA recombination protein RmuC family protein YP_169676 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020654 cDNA ftnA Ferritin-like protein YP_169670 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020655 cDNA ppa inorganic pyrophosphatase YP_170013 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020656 cDNA ruvC holliday junction endodeoxyribonuclease YP_169674 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020657 cDNA glnS Glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase YP_169486 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020658 cDNA yrbI 3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate 8-phosphate phosphatase YP_170012 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020659 cDNA argS Arginyl-tRNA synthetase YP_169504 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020660 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169677 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020661 cDNA lipB Lipoate-protein ligase B YP_170016 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020662 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170011 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020663 cDNA nuoG NADH dehydrogenase I, G subunit YP_169113 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020664 cDNA elbB DJ-1/PfpI family protein YP_169672 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020665 cDNA infB translation initiation factor IF-2 YP_169125 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020666 cDNA alaS Alanyl-tRNA synthetase YP_170075 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020667 cDNA polA DNA polymerase I YP_169181 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020668 cDNA yhbG ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_170009 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020669 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169673 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020670 cDNA ksgA dimethyladenosine transferase , kasugamycin resistance YP_169507 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020671 cDNA prlC Oligopeptidase A YP_169896 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020672 cDNA muts DNA mismatch repair protein MutS YP_170434 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020673 cDNA cyoB Cytochrome O ubiquinol oxidase subunit I YP_169332 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020674 cDNA recG ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecG YP_170517 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020675 cDNA kdpB Potassium-transporting ATPase B chain YP_170637 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020676 cDNA glyS Glycyl-tRNA synthetase beta subunit YP_169774 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020677 cDNA aceE pyruvate dehydrogenase, E1 component YP_170420 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020678 cDNA fadB/acbP 30 fusion product of 3-hydroxacyl-CoA dehydrogenase and acyl-CoA-binding protein YP_170460 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020679 cDNA secA preprotein translocase, subunit A, ATPase secretion protein YP_169779 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020680 cDNA NA DNA/RNA helicase YP_169297 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020681 cDNA ostA2 organic solvent tolerance protein YP_169751 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020682 cDNA acnA aconitate hydratase YP_169161 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020683 cDNA uvrA DNA excision repair enzyme, subunit A (UvrABC system protein A), ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_170265 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020684 cDNA katG Peroxidase/catalase YP_169735 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020685 cDNA cphA cyanophycin synthetase YP_170103 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020686 cDNA parC DNA topoisomerase IV subunit A YP_169441 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020687 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170514 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020688 cDNA malP maltodextrin phosphorylase YP_169461 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020689 cDNA pulB pullulonase YP_169457 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020690 cDNA recC Exodeoxyribonuclease V gamma chain YP_170342 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020691 cDNA topA DNA topoisomerase I YP_169903 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020692 cDNA rnr Ribonuclease R YP_170477 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020693 cDNA leuS Leucyl-tRNA synthetase YP_169978 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020694 cDNA lpxH UDP-2,3-diacylglucosamine hydrolase YP_169476 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020695 cDNA NA Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase YP_169407 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020696 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169466 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020697 cDNA NA Carbon-nitrogen hydrolase family protein YP_169475 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020699 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169409 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020700 cDNA cscK Fructokinase YP_170283 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020702 cDNA NA ATPase, AAA family YP_170381 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020703 cDNA glyQ Glycyl-tRNA synthetase alpha chain YP_169463 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020704 cDNA hflC SPFH domain, band 7 family protein YP_169655 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020705 cDNA trxA1 Thioredoxin YP_170383 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020706 cDNA rpoA2 DNA-directed RNA polymerase, alpha subunit YP_170380 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020707 cDNA hfq host factor I for bacteriophage Q beta replication YP_169651 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020708 cDNA phoH phoH-like protein YP_169638 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020709 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169474 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020710 cDNA NA Permease YjgP/YjgQ family protein YP_170273 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020711 cDNA hflK SPFH domain, band 7 family protein YP_169654 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020712 cDNA NA Permease YjgP/YjgQ family protein YP_170272 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020713 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169634 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020714 cDNA NA Aminoacylase YP_170152 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020715 cDNA ispG 1-hydroxy-2-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl 4-diphosphate synthase YP_169628 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020716 cDNA NA Peptidase M16 family protein YP_170275 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020717 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169406 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020718 cDNA NA polysaccharide biosynthesis protein (export protein) YP_170284 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020719 cDNA greA transcriptional elongation factor YP_170266 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020720 cDNA wzb low molecular weight (LMW) phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase YP_169656 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020721 cDNA thrC threonine synthase YP_169469 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020722 cDNA hflX protease, GTP-binding subunit YP_169652 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020723 cDNA yleA conserved hypothetical protein yleA YP_169639 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020724 cDNA NA amino acid transporter YP_169408 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020725 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170261 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020726 cDNA NA Methylase YP_170276 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020727 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169629 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020728 cDNA NA Type IV pili fiber building block protein YP_170267 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020729 cDNA engA GTP-binding protein YP_170260 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020730 cDNA yieO major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_170264 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020731 cDNA pyrE orotate phosphoribosyltransferase YP_169477 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020732 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169649 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020733 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170150 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020734 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170277 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020735 cDNA malQ 4-alpha-glucanotransferase YP_169462 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020736 cDNA yjfH tRNA/rRNA methyltransferase YP_169479 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020737 cDNA glgA glycogen synthase YP_169460 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020738 cDNA NA Apolipoprotein N-acyltransferase YP_169635 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020739 cDNA gpmI 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate-independent phosphoglycerate mutase YP_170281 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020740 cDNA NA o-methyltransferase family protein YP_169640 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020741 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169793 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020742 cDNA rph Ribonuclease PH YP_169860 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020743 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169788 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020744 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170590 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020745 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169862 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020746 cDNA rpsT 30S ribosomal protein S20 YP_170585 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020747 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169854 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020748 cDNA fabI Enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase (NADH) YP_169789 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020749 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169791 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020750 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169857 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020751 cDNA NA periplasmic solute binding family protein YP_169268 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020752 cDNA pyrB aspartate carbamoyltransferase YP_170572 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020753 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169856 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020754 cDNA ribH riboflavin synthase beta subunit (6,7-dimethl-8-ribityllumazine synthase) YP_170580 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020755 cDNA NA outer membrane lipoprotein YP_169269 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020756 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169859 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020757 cDNA hpt Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase YP_169265 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020758 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170198 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020759 cDNA ribA riboflavin biosynthesis protein ribA/GTP-cyclohydrolase II YP_170579 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020760 cDNA NA DoxD-like family protein YP_169794 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020761 cDNA NA glycosyl transferases group 1 family protein YP_169799 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020762 cDNA NA Type IV pili fiber building block protein YP_169863 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020763 cDNA ribB riboflavin synthase alpha subunit3,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone 4-phosphate synthetase YP_170578 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020764 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169801 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020765 cDNA gidB methyltransferase glucose-inhibited cell division protein YP_170592 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020766 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169853 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020767 cDNA pyrC Dihydroorotase YP_170568 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020768 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170463 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020769 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170591 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020770 cDNA lepA GTP-binding protein LepA YP_170584 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020771 cDNA rpmH 50S ribosomal protein L34 YP_169289 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020772 cDNA orn Oligoribonuclease YP_169281 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020773 cDNA efp elongation factor P YP_169282 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020774 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169280 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020775 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170656 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020776 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical protein, fragment No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020777 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169275 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020778 cDNA NA BolA-like protein YP_170528 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020779 cDNA NA O-methyltransferase YP_170657 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020780 cDNA rpmB 50S ribosomal protein L28 YP_170519 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020781 cDNA minC septum site-determining protein MinC YP_170521 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020782 cDNA minE cell division topological specificity factor protein YP_170523 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020783 cDNA ybgL lactam utilization protein YP_169278 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020784 cDNA NA Acetyltransferase protein YP_170653 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020785 cDNA NA Ferredoxin YP_170655 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020786 cDNA NA ABC transporter, membrane protein YP_170525 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020787 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_169296 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020788 cDNA NA ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein YP_170524 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020789 cDNA rluB ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase B YP_170037 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020790 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170030 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020791 cDNA minD septum site-determining protein MinD YP_170522 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020792 cDNA usp universal stress protein YP_169298 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020793 cDNA NA tetrapyrrole methyltransferase family protein YP_169293 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020794 cDNA ddg Acyltransferase YP_169285 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020795 cDNA NA Peptidase YP_170640 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020796 cDNA htrB Acyltransferase YP_169284 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020797 cDNA NA Type IV pili fiber building block protein YP_169283 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020798 cDNA NA phosphate transport protein YP_169274 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020799 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_169482 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020800 cDNA recA Recombinase A protein YP_170644 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020801 cDNA NA Radical SAM superfamily protein YP_170039 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020802 cDNA tdcD propionate kinase YP_170647 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020803 cDNA glpe thiosulfate sulfurtransferase YP_170642 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020804 cDNA purT phosphoribosylglycinamide formyltransferase 2 YP_170658 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020805 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170036 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020806 cDNA secB1 preprotein translocase, subunit B, chaperone protein YP_170643 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020807 cDNA NA major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_169481 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020808 cDNA recX Regulatory protein recX YP_170645 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020809 cDNA murC UDP-N-acetylmuramate--alanine ligase YP_169292 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020810 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169290 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020811 cDNA leuA 2-isopropylmalate synthase YP_169304 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020812 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_169294 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020813 cDNA ssb Single-strand binding protein YP_170646 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020814 cDNA fumA fumerate hydratase YP_170516 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020815 cDNA rimI Ribosomal-protein-alanine acetyltransferase YP_170035 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020816 cDNA NA Chitinase YP_170659 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020817 cDNA NA amino acid permease, fragment No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020818 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170438 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020819 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170424 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020820 cDNA NA transcriptional regulator YP_170337 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020821 cDNA panC Pantoate-beta-alanine ligase YP_170335 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020822 cDNA ppiC Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase. YP_170408 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020823 cDNA panB 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate hydroxymethyltransferase YP_170334 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020824 cDNA panD Aspartate-1-decarboxylase YP_170336 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020825 cDNA arsC1 arsenate reductase YP_169831 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020826 cDNA NA glucokinase regulatory protein YP_170429 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020827 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170443 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020828 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170445 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020829 cDNA aroQ chorismate mutase YP_169839 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020830 cDNA NA hypothetical membrane protein YP_170455 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020831 cDNA dnaJ1 heat shock protein, hsp40 YP_170446 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020832 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170428 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020833 cDNA accA Acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase carboxyl transferase subunit alpha YP_170433 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020834 cDNA NA conservered hypothetical protein YP_170413 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020835 cDNA trpS Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase YP_170423 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020836 cDNA galT Galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase YP_170411 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020837 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170421 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020838 cDNA secB2 preprotein translocase, subunit B, chaperone protein YP_170435 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020839 cDNA galK Galactokinase YP_170412 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020840 cDNA tolR TolR protein YP_169843 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020841 cDNA NA aromatic amino acid transporter of the HAAAP family YP_170444 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020842 cDNA fkpB FKBP-type 16 kDa peptidyl-prolyl cis-transisomerase YP_169837 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020843 cDNA NA Na+/H+ antiporter YP_170425 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020844 cDNA NA Hypothetical protein yieG YP_169834 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020845 cDNA ogt Methylated-DNA--protein-cysteine methyltransferase YP_170450 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020846 cDNA galP1 Galactose-proton symporter, major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_170410 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020847 cDNA galP2 Galactose-proton symporter, major facilitator superfamily (MFS) transport protein YP_170409 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020848 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170440 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020849 cDNA lpd dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase YP_170418 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020850 cDNA NA hypothetical protein YP_170452 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020851 cDNA NA ATP-dependent DNA helicase YP_170340 No/No CLOSED pDONR221
FtCD00020852 cDNA NA conserved hypothetical membrane protein YP_170448 No/Yes CLOSED pDONR221