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Detailed Vector Information: pSGX3


Vector Name: pSGX3
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Synonyms: pSGX-3, pSGX3_BC


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  T7
Reverse:  T7 terminator
Description: Bacterial (E. coli) expression vector with T7 promoter, adds C-terminal 6xHis tag; kanamycin resistance; TOPO cloning.
Comments: Modified from pET26b from Novagen
Size (bp): 5339
Empty Vector: None
Parent Vector: None
Properties: TOPO Cloning, bacterial expression, in vitro transcription, with tag/fusion/marker
Author Name: New York SGX Research Center for Structural Genomics
Publications: None
Vector Map:         Vector Sequence:


Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
ATG start start initiation start (Met, Ser, Leu) 5072 5079
TOPO recognition site TOPO TOPO cloning site 5076 5085
bacterial origin ori pBR322-type bacterial origin of replication 1421 2103
gene fragment ROP ROP 2527 2703
promoter T7 T7 promoter 4983 5003
repressor protein gene LacI LacI CDS 3515 4531
selectable marker KanR kanamycin resistance gene 563 1375
tag His 6xHis tag 5086 5103
trxn regulatory element lac operator lac operator 5003 5025
trxn termination sequence T7 term T7 terminator 5231 5307