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Detailed Vector Information: pMAPLe3


Vector Name: pMAPLe3
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Synonyms: ''


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  T7
Reverse:  T7 terminator
Description: Bacterial expression vector with a T7 promoter, N-terminal MBP and C-terminal 6xHis tag-TEV protease site; constitutively expresses TEV protease to produce C-terminal His-tagged protein; contains the ccdB death cassette; kanamycin resistance in bacteria; ligation independent cloning (LIC).
Comments: Requires special host strain E. coli DB3.1 for growth
Size (bp): 8205
Empty Vector: None
Parent Vector: None
Properties: bacterial expression, ligation independent cloning (LIC), with tag/fusion/marker
Author Name: David Eisenberg
Mark Arbing
Integrated Center for Structure and Function Innovation
Publications: None
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Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
bacterial operon lac operator Lac operator CDS 6034 6058
bacterial origin ColE ColE1 pBR322 origin 2084 2084
death cassette ccdB ccdB death cassette 7239 8012
gene fragment TEV cds TEV protease cds (TEV protease is constitutively expressed from this plasmid allowing in vivo proteolysis of the expressed fusion protien so that only the target with His6 tag is purified) 3402 4432
phage origin f1 f1 phage origin 12 467
primer T7 term primer T7 term reverse sequencing primer 8122 8140
promoter T7 T7 promoter 6015 6031
protease cleavage site TEV TEV protease clevage site 7215 7235
repressor protein gene LacI LacI repressor gene 4549 5628
restriction site ScaI two ScaI sites from 7233-7238 and 8013-8018 0 0
ribosome binding site RBS ribosomal binding site 6068 6094
selectable marker KanR kanamycin resistance gene 563 1375
tag MBP N-terminal MBP tag 6102 7205
tag His C-terminal 6xHis tag 8019 8036
trxn termination sequence T7 term T7 transcription termination 8134 8180