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Detailed Vector Information: pLenti6.2/V5-DEST


Vector Name: pLenti6.2/V5-DEST
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Synonyms: pLenti6.2/V5-DEST


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  CMV forward
Reverse:  V5 reverse
Description: with tag/fusion/marker assay, Gateway®, acceptor (destination), recombinational cloning clone, lentiviral infection, mammalian expression expression with CMV and PGK and BlastR and AmpR and RSV and 5' splice donor and HIV-1 psi and HIV-1 RRE and 3' splice acceptor and V5 and SV40 and pUC ori and attR1 and attR2 and ccdB and CmR; blasticidin resistance in mammalian, ampicillin resistance in bacterial;
Comments: None
Size (bp): 8813
Empty Vector: None
Parent Vector: None
Properties: Gateway, acceptor (destination), lentiviral infection, mammalian expression, recombinational cloning, with tag/fusion/marker
Author Name: Invitrogen
Publications: None
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Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
bacterial origin pUC ori pUC origin of replication 7733 8406
death cassette ccdB ccdB death cassette (removed when insert is present) 3767 3976
packaging signal HIV-1 psi HIV-1 psi packaging signal 521 565
poly-A signal SV40 SV40 polyadenylation signal 5639 5770
promoter CMV CMV promoter driving gene of interest 1809 2392
promoter PGK PGK promoter to drive selection marker in mammalian cells 4266 4771
promoter RSV RSV/5' LTR hybrid promoter 1 410
recombination site attR1 attR1 recombinational cloning site 2440 2456
recombination site attR2 attR2 recombinational cloning site 4127 4142
response element HIV-1 RRE HIV-1 Rev response element (RRE) 1075 1308
selectable marker BlastR Blasticidin resistance gene in mammalian cells 4849 5249
selectable marker CmR chloramphenicol resistance marker (removed in plasmids with insert) 2673 3329
selectable marker AmpR Ampicillin resistance gene for selection in bacteria 6728 7588
splice acceptor site 3' splice acceptor two 3' splice acceptors at 1656 and 1684 1656 1656
splice donor site 5' splice donor 5' splice donor 520 520
tag V5 C-terminal V5 epitope tag 4197 4238