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Detailed Vector Information: RH2.2


Vector Name: RH2.2
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Synonyms: ''


Sequencing Primer: Forward:  pFAB007
Reverse:  Unknown
Description: Recombinant antibody bacterial expression vector with His-tagged heavy chain; ampicillin resistance in bacteria
Comments: None
Size (bp): 7325
Empty Vector: None
Parent Vector: None
Properties: bacterial expression, with tag/fusion/marker
Author Name: Recombinant Antibody Network
Publications: None
Vector Map:         Vector Sequence:


Vector Features:

Type Name Description Start Position End Position
bacterial origin pBR322 origin pBR322 origin 5486 6105
gene fragment light chain Light chain 1534 2289
gene fragment heavy chain Heavy Chain 2408 3211
promoter tac promoter Tac promoter 1413 1441
repressor binding site LacI Lac I 78 1169
selectable marker AmpR Ampicillin resistance 6260 7120
ssDNA origin f1 f1 origin 4703 5009
tag His 6xHis tag 3188 3214