Mitch Magee is a researcher in the Biodesign Institute.
Photo by Jason Drees

What We Do In DNASU

The DNASU Plasmid Repository is a global, non-profit organization that facilitates scientific sharing, supporting a growing collection of over 320,000 high-quality plasmids with genes from more than 1,350 organisms in over 750 vector backbones. DNASU provides a central location for researchers to deposit their plasmids upon publication, increasing accessibility and accelerating downstream research. Scientists can search DNASU for these plasmids and order them at cost-effective prices.

Mitch Magee is a researcher in the Biodesign Institute. Photo by Jason Drees

Our Intentions

Our Purpose:

The DNASU Plasmid Repository receives, grows, houses, and distributes clones across the world. We do so in a timely and affordable manner all while providing a positive user experience.

Our Vision:

Through our efforts, the scientific community will have a sustainable resource to help expedite efforts toward scientific discovery and advancement for many years to come.

Our Values:

Collaboration: We are always evolving together and aspire to accelerate research through collaboration with the scientific community. We encourage scientists from across the globe to deposit their plasmids with us to foster scientific sharing of knowledge and resources.

Commitment to Customers: We strive to provide timely customer service. We want our customers to get their questions answered quickly and accurately so that they can better focus on their research efforts.

Quality Products: We offer a vast selection of quality products. We have available, in one place, hundreds of thousands of clones ready made for use in multiple platforms in multiple ways.

Cost Recovery Pricing: We want to make our product available to as many researchers as possible. Our items are priced reasonably to cover our production costs ensuring DNASU's sustainability.

Continuous Improvement: We continuously expand our plasmid inventory both internally and externally. By increasing our inventory, we stay viable with our offerings to the scientific community. This requires increased public visibility as well as efficient internal tracking of new constructs.

Adaptability: We must stay current regarding the equipment we use for the storage of our product in order to keep samples viable and accessible. We continually update our software that is utilized to share the data that accompanies our product for a positive end user experience.