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2019-08-05 : 
DNASU is excited to announce that we are hosting the BASIL Starter Pack, a set of 10 plasmids selected for use with the BASIL (Biochemistry Authentic Scientific Inquiry Laboratory) Curriculum This curriculum from the BASIL biochemistry consortium aims to get students to transition from thinking like students to thinking like scientists. Students will analyze proteins with known structure but unknown function using computational analyses and wet-lab techniques. BASIL is designed for undergraduate biochemistry lab courses, but can be adapted to first year (or even high school) settings, as well as upper-level undergraduate or graduate coursework. It is targeted to students in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, or related majors. Further details about the BASIL biochemistry consortium can be found on the BASIL blog The curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to match the available facilities, the strengths of the instructor and the learning goals of a course and institution. These lessons are often used as part of upper-level laboratory coursework with at least one semester of biochemistry as a pre-requisite or co-requisite. The lab has been designed for classes ranging from 10-24 students (working in teams of two or three) per lab section. This lesson can be adapted to laboratory courses for introductory biology, cell and molecular biology, or advanced biology labs.

2017-11-16 : 
To our valued collaborators, we here at DNASU wish to make you aware that we will be raising our rates on January 1st, 2018. In the past, DNASU has been partially subsidized by grants from the NIH, however, we are currently in transition to a self-sufficient model for our budget. Individual plasmids for academic/non-profit researchers will $55 per clone, plates of 96 clones (batch orders) will be $2000 each, and our large multi-plate plasmid collections will be provided at $2.50 per clone. We remain dedicated to providing high quality plasmids to the research community at low cost and our new rates reflect this commitment. For any questions related to price change, including our changes to commercial pricing, please contact us at DNASUHelp@asu.edu.

2017-09-26 : 
DNASU is happy to announce the Viral Proteome Collection , consisting of 838 viral proteins from different infectious diseases. These clones are ready to be expressed using IVTT systems, with c-terminal GST tags for protein capture. They were used to study the interactions between infectious diseases and Type I Diabetes in Immunoproteomic Profiling of Antiviral Antibodies in New-Onset Type 1 Diabetes Using Protein Arrays

2017-03-10 : 
The Arabidopsis thaliana ORF Collection V 1 is now available. This collection contains 12,085 ORFs, which represents 40% of all protein-encoding genes for this species, based on Araport 11 protein coding gene set. These clones are closed versions of the gene, 10295 in pENTR223.1 and 1790 in pENTR/D-Topo backbone vectors, both of which are Gateway Entry Vectors. This set of clones has been used previously to study the interactome of Arabidopsis thaliana. By using HaloTag-NAPPA technology and querying protein-protein interactions, Ecker et al used a set of 38 transcription factors related to plant hormone signaling pathways to identify 3,580 interactions among 2,238 proteins.

2016-07-13 : 
Please be advised that our BioStore will be undergoing maintenance on Monday, August 8 through Friday August 12, 2016. Thus, any orders placed between August 8, 2016 through August 12, 2016 may be delayed during that time. We should resume standard operations on Monday, August 15, 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but thank you for your continued support of DNASU.

2016-07-01 : 
DNASU is proud to announce DNA preparation services are now available to our customers. As you order clones, in individual or batch orders, you can select to have DNA prepared and shipped to you with your glycerol stock. On the Checkout - Choose Payment Option page, you can opt to include DNA Preparation using our High Quality (only available to full plate orders at $325.00/96 well plate) or Standard Quality ($ 1.50/clone; $125.00/ 96 well plate) Extraction Services or you can place your order with No DNA (default selection). To find out more details on our DNA preparation processes , please visit this page: DNA Extraction. For DNA Prep involving Collections, please contact DNASU for a custom quote.

2016-06-02 : 
Unfortunately we have been experiencing server issues that result in webpage errors or the website failing to load all together. We offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you. Please know that our IT team is working diligently on finding a permanent solution to this problem. Thank you for your continued support of DNASU and your patience during this time.

2015-08-31 : 
!!! FREE SHIPPING !!! on Plasmid Orders! Valid through September 1st September 30th. Enter promo code DNASUSHIP at checkout. *Not valid on collections or batch orders.

2015-08-06 : 
Human 3`UTRome v1 collection (Gateway Entry vector) is a modular genomic clone collection. This collection consists of 1,461 sequence verified human 3′UTRs, cloned into the modular Gateway Entry vector P2RP3. Each 3′UTR contains a gene specific STOP codon at its 5′end and extends 150nt downstream of the annotated 3′ end of the transcript (GRCh37/hg19 Feb. 2009). Please cite: Kotagama, K., Babb, C.S., Wolter, J.M., Murphy, R.P. and Mangone, M. "A human 3'UTR clone collection to study post-transcriptional gene regulation". BMC Genomics 16, 1036 (2015).

2015-05-28 : 
681 New PSI:Biology plasmids added to DNASU.
675 from the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics and 6 from the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium

2015-04-09 : 
868 New PSI:Biology plasmids added to DNASU.
776 from the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics; 48 from the Center for Membrane Proteins in Infectious Diseases; and 43 from the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium. 16 University of Utah

2014-12-19 : 
530 New PSI:Biology plasmids added to DNASU.
404 from the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium; 86 from the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics; 39 from the Center for Membrane Proteins in Infectious Diseases; and 1 from the New York Structural Genomics Research Consortium

2014-10-13 : 
NEW vaccinia virus plasmid collection

2014-09-09 : 
Over 150 human small GTPases are now available through DNASU as a complete collection or as individual plasmids.

2014-09-09 : 
New PSI:Biology plasmids now available through DNASU. Search the PSI:Biology collection here

2014-08-08 : 
12 new empty vectors for antibody production and mammalian expression from MPID at the PSI:Biology-Materials Repository

2014-08-05 : 
Viruses use AMPylation to modulate host response. Learn about it in a publication from our center in Molecular and Cellular Proteomics. Uses NAPPA plasmids from DNASU

2014-07-31 : 
DNASU and featured in a Nature Methods Technology feature

2014-07-17 : 
Glucocorticoid Receptor Function Regulated by Coordinated Action of the Hsp90 and Hsp70 Chaperone Cycles. Reported in Cell using a Bag1 plasmid

2014-07-09 : 
A recent publication from the PSI:Biology center NYSGRC describes the structure of Clostridium acetobutylicum aspartate kinase (CaAK) involved in lysine biosynthesis using a plasmid from DNASU.

2014-06-24 : 
Recently published description of the signalling pathway of MC1R receptor, a risk factor for melanoma after UV-induced cell damage in Molecular Cell. The MCR1 plasmid was from DNASU

2014-06-18 : 
Over 2000 new PSI plasmids available. Search for them using our PSI-specific search

2014-06-17 : 
A new study of tight junction protein Claudin-2 in paracellular pore by PSI researchers at TJMP Publication. All plasmids used in this study are available from DNASU.

2014-05-27 : 
New collection: Thermatoga maritima genome in bacterial expression vectors

2014-05-09 : 
Grant awarded by Women and Philanthropy to create a synthetic biology DNA repository with Dr. Karmella Haynes and DNASU

2014-04-30 : 
Learn about the role of phosphatidylserine receptors in enveloped virus infection using plasmids from DNASU. Publication in the Journal of Virology

2014-04-21 : 
Want to sequence a plasmid you received from DNASU? See our new list of sequencing primers

2014-04-08 : 
Interested in how researchers have used plasmids from DNASU? Take a look at our publications list

2014-03-31 : 
A new publication in the journal Genetics describing resources available for studying drosophila including plasmids from DNASU

2014-03-25 : 
A new paper in JBC finds a role for two proteins (Musashi and GLD2) in activating translation thru polyA regulation. They used a plasmid from DNASU for this work.

2014-03-18 : 
The DNASU transcription factor collection was used to screen for regulators of breast epithelial cell lineage. Published this week in Cell Reports

2014-03-04 : 
500 new human genes from the ORFeome Collaboration are now available in DNASU

2014-02-26 : 
You can search DNASU using any DNA or amino acid sequence using our BLAST search

2014-02-05 : 
Just added to DNASU - GPCR plasmid containing CXCR4 that resulted in PDB structure 3ODU from the GPCR Network

2014-01-17 : 
DNASU is going to SLAS 2014 next week in San Diego. Hear us talk about the BioStore at the Brooks Automation lunch workshop on Tuesday.

2014-01-06 : 
A recent article in the Journal of Biological Chemistry using a FOS plasmid from DNASU finds that the FOS transcription factor family differentially controls trophoblast migration and invasion.

2014-01-03 : 
Happy New Year from DNASU! We will resume shipping on Monday January 6th!

2013-12-18 : 
A set of mammalian protein expression vectors with CMV promoters of differing strengths are now available from DNASU. Publication and find the vectors here

2013-12-12 : 
For the upcoming Christmas and New Years holidays, we will not be shipping orders from December 19, 2013 - January 3, 2014. We will resume shipment on January 6, 2014. From all of us at DNASU, we wish you a Happy Holiday!

2013-11-25 : 
We will not be shipping plasmids from November 26-29th due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Have a safe and happy holiday!

2013-11-21 : 
New affinity reagents from the Recombinant Antibody Network are now available in DNASU. Find the plasmids here or visit the RAN website for more information about the project.

2013-11-19 : 
Report of the crystal structure of the atypical Wnt ligand Norrin in Genes and Development. They use the tetraspanin 12 plasmid from DNASU as part of their study

2013-11-18 : 
Learn more about DNASU in our new publication in the 2014 Nucleic Acids Research Database Issue

2013-11-12 : 
Now more options for purchasing plasmids since we now accept American Express and Discover card

2013-11-12 : 
New bacterial and cell free expression vectors with the HALO tag are now available from DNASU.

2013-10-21 : 
1,000 new PSI:Biology plasmids available from DNASU!

2013-10-08 : 
Nine new bacterial expression vectors from MCSG for production of proteins from genes containing rare codons. Pubmed article here. PSI empty vectors can all be found here.

2013-10-03 : 
ASU scientist found NGF in saliva is biomarker for stress. ASU news article can be found here. Plasmids for NGF from DNASU also available here

2013-10-01 : 
The MCSG has solved structures from lactic acid bacteria that helps reveal determinants for substrate recognition. The PSI Structural Biology Knowledgebase Research Advance Article. DNASU has two plasmids used for this study: LpCD00454237 and SmCD00454274

2013-09-16 : 
Over 2,000 new plasmids from NESG, MCSG, NYSGRC and JCSG are available in DNASU!

2013-09-10 : 
TadZ helps localizes pili to the poles of bacteria. Featured system article from the PSI Structural Biology Knowledgebase about the structure solved by the JCSG. DNASU has the plasmid that solved the structure here

2013-09-10 : 
Heat shock proteins interact with the purinosome - a complex involved in purine biosynthesis. The article uses many plasmids from DNASU for their research

2013-09-04 : 
Reverse baldness? Maybe through manipulation of the wnt pathway and fgf9. Interesting article. DNASU has FGF9 and other wnt family member plasmids available.

2013-09-03 : 
We have just added a new browse feature to search DNASU for plasmids based on SMART domains

2013-08-30 : 
Protein RbAp48 (aka RBBP4) recently found to be involved in memory loss in aging (independent of Alzheimer's Disease). Find an article here. We have many RBBP4 plasmids in DNASU and here is just one example from the PSI center JCSG

2013-08-22 : 
Over 3,000 new PSI plasmids now available through DNASU

2013-08-20 : 
Plasmids that were used to solve a structure now include a 2D and Jmol-enbabled 3D viewer in the annotations tab. Take a look at an example here

2013-08-16 : 
Publications using plasmids from DNASU and the PSI:Biology-Materials Repository now linkout from Pubmed directly to the plasmid in DNASU

2013-08-15 : 
Article about Addgene and DNASU published in Chemistry and Biology. Both repositories are great resources for plasmids.

2013-07-30 : 
August Plasmid Promotion!! All orders placed in August 2013 will be shipped with a promotional code that can be used for your next order!

2013-07-18 : 
New browse filter! For collections and biological annotations that have fewer than 3000 plasmids, you can filter the results through DNASU!

2013-07-18 : 
Search even faster with our improved Advanced Search and PSI:Biology-MR search

2013-06-25 : 
Over 4,500 new PSI:Biology plasmids are now available from DNASU. These include plasmids from the biological partners Mitochondrial Proteome Partnership (MPP) and Structure-Function Studies of Tight Junction Membrane Proteins (TJMP) as well as the high throughput centers MCSG and NESG.

2013-06-18 : 
Have you had a chance to look at our new Resources section? We have information for scientists about our plasmids and the PSI:Biology and resources for educators to use in their classrooms.

2013-06-12 : 
Welcome to the new DNASU!

2013-06-12 : 
Take a look at our new Browse Features. Browse by author, species, collection, biological function, and vector features!

2013-06-03 : 
Take a look at the new Advanced Vector viewer developed in collaboration with Lab Genius

2013-02-06 : 
We now have new pricing for plasmids. Plasmids are now $43 each for academic and non-profit researchers and $53 each for companies.

2012-11-05 : 
Over 63,000 PSI plasmids are available from the Materials Repository, including nearly 100 empty vectors

2012-10-15 : 
DNASU was voted Best Supplies for your Genetic Experiments in Phoenix New Times 2012!

2012-09-26 : 
DNASU just launched new and improved plasmid and vector detail pages. These include on the fly protein translations, a dynamic vector mapping feature, and clear information about protein expression and protocols. Check it out and let us know what you think! http://dnasu.asu.edu/'

2012-03-21 : 
Uniprot now links to plasmids in DNASU. You can also find protein information on Uniprot on our clone details page.

2011-09-08 : 
1,800 new PSI plasmids added to DNASU. Also look for our new collection of glyco-enzymescreated in collaboration with Kelley Moremen at University of Georgia.

2011-07-11 : 
Over 1,600 new PSI plasmid added to DNASU!

2011-04-27 : 
Shipping costs have increased to $15 for domestic orders and $30 for international orders to reflect increases in FedEx charges

2011-03-21 : 
Join our group on Linkedin and Like us on Facebook of the latest news, updates and promotions!

2011-03-14 : 
Join our new group on Linkedin. Get news, updates, and community dicussion all in one place!

2011-03-14 : 
New Plasmid of the Month highlighting C-terminally His tagged vectors from MCSG.

2011-01-24 : 
Over 2,700 PSI plasmids from NESG, NYCOMPS and MCSG now available in DNASU making over 39,000 PSI plasmids available!!

2010-12-01 : 
Check out our new and improved Vector Search to find plasmids based on vector tag, promoter, selectable marker, expression system, and cloning system.

2010-11-30 : 
1,222 new PSI plasmids from NYCOMPS, MCSG, and JCSG are now available in DNASU! Now over 36,000 PSI plasmids are available in DNASU!

2010-11-17 : 
Two new bacterial expression plasmids from NESG available in DNASU. Check out pET15_NESG and pET21_NESG

2010-11-08 : 
1,488 new PSI plasmids in DNASU!

2010-10-18 : 
Nearly 34,000 PSI plasmids from over 700 organisms now available in DNASU. Search the entire PSI collection here.

2010-09-30 : 
Want to search our entire database yourself? Here are FASTA formatted file containing all available DNASU nucleotide or amino acid sequences.

2010-08-30 : 
Check out our Recovery Act story on the NIGMS website about our new Nexus Freezer storage system!

2010-08-17 : 
Over 1,500 new PSI plasmids from MCSG, CESG, JCSG, and NESG are now available in DNASU!

2010-08-17 : 
Mycoplamsa expression vectors from CESG are now available. See our PSI Empty Vector list for more information.

2010-07-13 : 
Five new bacterial and cell free expression vectors from CESG and NYCOMPS now available at DNASU: pVP65K, pVP68K, pVP80K, pVP81K, pEU-HSBC, and pNYCOMPS-TH-ccdB (C-term.). Check out all 61 of our PSI vectors today!

2010-07-13 : 
Over 7,800 new PSI plasmids from MCSG, JCSG, NYSGXRC, and CESG were just made available on DNASU. Search our collection using the PSI:Biology-MR search.

2010-07-08 : 
Want to update your account or change your password? You can do this using our new null;Update Accountnull; option under the null;My Accountnull; tab

2010-06-21 : 
Over 3,500 new PSI plasmids added to DNASU making over 21,000 PSI plasmids available!

2010-06-11 : 
Seven new yeast and bacterial expression vectors added to DNASU. See here for an overview of all PSI Empty Vectors or visit our PSI vector page to request an empty vector.

2010-05-05 : 
DNASU now accepts credit card payments! To order using credit card, choose the credit card option at checkout and follow the instructions. All credit card payments are processed by Quikpay.

2010-04-06 : 
The DNASU sequencing facility, which is associated with the PSI:Biology-MR and DNASU plasmid repository, will be offering Next Generation DNA Sequencing. This new technology supports applications such asnull;High Throughput DNA Sequencing, Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) andnull;Gene Regulation Analysis. Email Jason Steel with questions or to place your project in queue. null;Discounts may be available for initial projects!

2010-03-24 : 
The PSI:Biology-MR is now on Facebook. Become a fan to get regular news and updates about the Materials Repository and the DNASU plasmid repository.

2009-11-16 : 
See our recently published paper in Nucleic Acids Research about the PSI-MR and the Expedited MTA process.

2009-10-14 : 
DNASU Terms of Use and Purchase are now posted. Please review these terms before placing your plasmid order.

2009-10-09 : 
See our new Protein Structure Initiative features: Plasmid of the Month and Functional Sleuth.

2009-09-22 : 
We are now accepting new submissions. Please contact the scientific liaison or look here for more information.

2009-09-01 : 
Funding opportunities now available for PSI:Biology