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02/24/2016 : 
The FlyBi Consortium announces the release of a collection of Drosophila clones and can be ordered as a complete collection.

01/15/2016 : 
The Xenopus ORFeome is announced in an article in Developmental Biology. This collection contains 8,673 Xenopus clones and can be ordered as a complete collection or you can search for individual clones.

08/06/2015 : 
Human 3`UTRome v1 collection (Gateway Entry vector) is a modular genomic clone collection. This collection consists of 1,461 sequence verified human 3′UTRs, cloned into the modular Gateway Entry vector P2RP3. Each 3′UTR contains a gene specific STOP codon at its 5′end and extends 150nt downstream of the annotated 3′ end of the transcript (GRCh37/hg19 Feb. 2009). Please cite: Kotagama, K., Babb, C.S., Wolter, J.M., Murphy, R.P. and Mangone, M. "A human 3'UTR clone collection to study post-transcriptional gene regulation". BMC Genomics 16, 1036 (2015).

05/28/2015 : 
681 New PSI:Biology plasmids added to DNASU.
675 from the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics and 6 from the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium

04/09/2015 : 
868 New PSI:Biology plasmids added to DNASU.
776 from the Midwest Center for Structural Genomics; 48 from the Center for Membrane Proteins in Infectious Diseases; and 43 from the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium. 16 University of Utah

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