Plasmid Collections

Collection: Arabidopsis thaliana Collection V 1 (Gateway Entry Vectors)

Description: The Arabidopsis thaliana collection was generated by Joe Ecker's lab at the SALK Institute and contains 12,085 ORFs, which represents 40% of all protein-encoding genes for this species, based on Araport 11 protein coding gene set. These clones are closed versions of the gene, 10295 in pENTR223.1 and 1790 in pENTR/D-Topo backbone vectors, both of which are Gateway Entry Vectors. This set of clones has been used previously to study the interactome of Arabidopsis thaliana. By using HaloTag-NAPPA technology and querying protein-protein interactions, Ecker et al used a set of 38 transcription factors related to plant hormone signaling pathways to identify 3,580 interactions among 2,238 proteins. For the current collection, please cite Yazaki J, et al. (2016) Mapping transcription factor interactome networks using HaloTag protein arrays. PNAS July 19, 2016 vol. 113 no. 29 E4238-E4247.
Total number of clones in the collection: 12085
Price: $ 84595.0 ($7.00 per clone)
Use Restriction: No restriction

To request individual clones from the collection, download the Excel file, find the clones of interest, copy the Clone IDs and use them clone identifier search . You can then click to add individual clones to your cart (far right-hand side of the table).