PSI:Biology Resources

The PSI:Biology-MR Information Portal

psi mr Provides information about the MR to researchers both within the PSI and in the general scientific community. The website outlines the goals of the PSI:Biology-MR, provides information on how to find PSI plasmids, outlines how to submit samples, describes the Depositor Agreement and Expedited MTA process, and highlights new PSI plasmids and collections available at the MR.

The PSI Structural Biology Knowledgebase

Created as a collaboration with the Nature Publishing Group, the PSI Structural Biology Knowledgebase (SBKB) is a web resource designed to turn the products of the structural genomics and structural biology efforts into knowledge that can be used by the biological community to understand living systems and disease. It contains information on all the three-dimensional protein structures solved, homology models, features about particular proteins and the latest methods for cloning, expression, purification and structural determination of proteins.

Technology Portal

PSI logoThe Technology Portal of the Protein Structure Initiative Structural Biology Knowledgebase is a web resource designed to provide methods and tools that can be employed to relieve bottlenecks in many areas of structural genomics and structural biology research. Several useful features are available on the web site, including multiple ways to search the database of over 250 technological advances, links to online resources, and access to videos of methods on YouTube. In addition, users can participate in a technology forum where they can connect, ask questions, get news, and develop collaborations with fellow scientists.

DNASU Repository

We have over 200,000 plasmids in our repository, which includes the PSI:Biology collection. These plasmids can be used for a variety of purposes inlcuding structural biology applications!