Receiving a Plasmid from DNASU

Thank you for requesting a plasmid from DNASU. Now that you have placed your order, what should you expect in your shipment? First, if you are looking for your tracking number, keep in mind that you can find this at any time by logging into your account on DNASU, viewing your orders, and clicking on the link for the appropriate order.

All plasmids are shipped as glycerol stocks in T1/T5 phage resistance DH5-alpha bacteria at room temperature. We have done extensive testing and found that there is little to no loss of viability of the bacteria at room temperature overnight. If you ordered a small number of plasmids, your order will arrive in a FedEx envelope that looks like this:

This package contains everything you need to work with this plasmid including:

  • The glycerol stock plasmid in a tube labeled with the DNASU Clone ID
  • A spreadsheet containing information about each plasmid including the gene name, vector and growth conditions
  • A letter describing what you received and how to handle it
  • The Terms of use and Purchase
  • A copy of the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) for your records
  • Your invoice

Once you receive your glycerol stock(s)

  • Freeze stock(s) at -80°C and/or streak to LB/antibiotic plates upon arrival. You can find the correct antibiotic to use on the insert shipped with the plasmid or on DNASU.
  • If you receive a 96 well plate, spin the plate before removing the cover.

Need more information about these plasmids?

Login to DNASU at any time. There you will find:

  • Order Information
    • Login to your account and click “My Account” (link on right menu).  Follow links to view orders, including a table of plasmid info and downloadable spreadsheet.
  • Plasmid Information
    • DNASU Clone IDs are your link to more information about plasmids, including appropriate growth conditions and selection, the host strain we've used for the plasmid, etc.  Click on the Clone ID from any results table to view the Clone Detail Page.
  • Vector Information
    • Maps and sequence data are available at the Clone and Vector Detail Pages if we have them.  Click the Clone ID or vector name to view detail pages, including download links.

More questions? Contact us at any time.