PSI:Biology-MR Plasmid Highlights

Plasmid of the Month

psimrA PSI plasmid or collection of PSI plasmids will be highlighted regularly that may be of particular interest to the biological community.

Functional Sleuth

The PSI has solved over 2,800 proteins whose true functions remain uncharacterized. On a regular basis, we will present one structure, the plasmid information and links to known annotations. We encourage the greater biological community to help us determine the function of these proteins.

PSI:Biology-MR Empty Vectors

Empty vectors created by the PSI researchers have been rigorously tested and optimized for various stages in the protein production pipeline. Click here to see all empty vectors available and here to see what these empty vectors can be used for.

Interesting PSI Plasmids

A collection of past "Plasmids of the Month."

What can you do with these interesting PSI plasmids?

  • Use the protein expression plasmids as is to express protein for:
    1. Biochemistry
    2. Protein-Protein interaction experiments
    3. Kinetics
    4. Reagents (e.g., the TEV protease plasmid)
  • Clone inserts into other vectors for:
    1. Expression in mammalian, yeast, embryonic stems cells etc.
    2. Protein microarrays
    3. You experiment of choice
  • Comparative Genomics
    1. Use our BLAST search to find PSI or other DNASU plasmids similar to your gene of interest to compare biological function
  • Don't forget that you can also take other DNASU plasmids, transfer them to PSI protein expression vectors for protein expression and/or structural determination experiments.